Welcome to the South Bronx -- poorest U.S. district

welcome to the South Bronx graffiti

garbage a daily fight for dignity it is

the poorest district in America is just

a 20-minute ride from the wealth of

Manhattan this is the stop for those

whose life is largely a struggle a

staggering quarter of a million people

are living below the poverty line right

here for many it's a tough life from the

get-go every second child in the area

lives in poverty mothers like recently

unemployed Asia are livid it's

ridiculous now and I we all need jobs I

have a child I need a job I think that

the government could do a little bit

better than what they're doing now rap

group rebel Diaz live and work in the

South Bronx they know the district like

the back of their hand Mike Tyson was in

here DMX just to name some celebrities

but you know hundreds of thousands of

young people behind bars um this is the

infamous Spofford prison rod star says

industrial dumping into heavily secured

areas is causing toxic waste sites we're

standing a foot of a mountain of garbage

it's a dump site for the garbage for the

waste of the whole tri-state area this

he says has resulted in a 60% spike in

asthma among locals any blue isn't going

to property not to shoot through a fence

largely an immigrant community the South

Bronx is seeing mom-and-pop shops go out

of business while the social safety net

is disappearing when you talk about

Occupy Wall Street and the global

rebellions that were occurring in 2011

and are continuing now in 2012 it's a

response to these cutbacks and social

services in the interests of corporate

power instead enormous sums are being

pumped into projects that are far from a

priority for those who live here here

you have an eight million dollar park um

that that was built on toxic waste it

stands empty in a non residential area

billions of dollars are being misplaced

you know into the hands of of the

corporations of the rich

and and it's it's is crazy that is 2012

and and conditions are I like to still

in the Bronx with countless trucks

passing through drugs and prostitution

are rampant it's bad

make great job here obesity walks hand

in hand with hunger both signs of

poverty I don't know how many hundreds

of food pantries in the Bronx just like

this month God you know that food cut

out needs to be 200 people lined up

Tuesdays and Saturdays look the same

here with jobless people out on the

streets all week in the mainstream media

what we see is a lot is is that it's you

know it's our individual responsibility

and never do they look at some of the

structural reason is behind this poverty

while corporations play a major role in

America's policy-making process people

in places like the South Bronx are left

in the gutter I don't know if it's

coming from Senate I don't know if it's

the president's fault I can't say if

it's like the Chancellor just the

district leader just the people I don't

know who I can blame directly but I feel

like it's a compilation of all of them

everyone is just like not doing enough

enough to pick us up out of this slump

that we in economically several decades

ago almost half of the South Bronx was

largely burnt or abandoned a result of a

downward spiral of economic decline

middle class flight and skyrocketing

crime many streets have by now had a


just as in plastic surgery the exterior

look may have somewhat improved but

within the Forgotten borough of New York

remains destroyed in stature Cunha RT

South Bronx Neil