Tom Watson Feature - Final Round 2009 Open Championship

sometimes our words just don't tell the

story as well as the sights and sounds

and here they are of the thrilling final

round at the British Open that's your

business to write the story it's my

business to make the story this ball is

going left that's into the people in the

deep grass he's made thousands of these

in his lifetime this was important as

anyone he's putted in 20 years out there

to take and nobody's taking it sick on

18 - Stewart trying to find a way to

make a birdie get it in - I told my

caddie walking off 18 we need to play

this hole like four time and didn't stay

aggressive over three just no way you

can put it on three that's a really good

shot we've only had one birdie in the

last dozen groups here at 18 very good

six could have a look at birdie Watson

can control his destiny right here this

for the lead he's riding one heck of a

chapter a story of his life right here

standing over the birdie putt at the

72nd hole what was going through you in

that situation you just try to block out

everything that your opponents do it

Stewart Cink post 204

if I could swallow if I was on the 18th

age 59 to one shot lead

absolutely perfect it's real simple can

you hit a good iron shot put in the

middle of green if you can he's the Open

champion again

I was thinking 9 but I've setting up

I'll hear Nate I hit the shot I meant to

when it was in the air I said I like it

easy up and down from there

that was an 8-iron he just absolutely

nuked it the retrospect I probably would

hit a 9-iron or than Nathan hit data

just the way I meant to it shows the

putt it from the from the short rough

there I just I just felt like I had

better better chance to get it close so

I thought I was gonna make sure I was

gonna leave it short


if he does not make that Watson and

Stewart Cink would be in a four-hole

playoff there was something out there

put myself in position to win that's

eight to ten footer I actually like this

distance he can stroke this one he's

gonna make this and win and so number

four playoff with Tom Watson and Stewart

Cink somebody will either win their

first-ever major or their knife ever

major matched him a shot for shot now

Watson second shot at a a chubby 5-iron

for my second shot in the first playoff

hole that may have caught the bunker

advantage sink and you know the crowds

on Watson side here for sure


you've got to believe he's hugely

disappointed he was right there for the

taking for Tom Watson in the middle of

the 18th fairway left that is deep my

legs didn't work at the drive at 17 that

was about it that time Stuart had pretty

well named shade - Tom Watson at 77

knocking too tight and Stewart Cink

you want to talk about the greatest walk

Thank You toxin

this ain't a funeral you know

Stewart's into major champion


would have been I think maybe the

greatest feat in the history of sports

for Tom Watson to have won here yes it's

a great disappointment it tears at your

gut as it always had torn it my gut did

you just run out of gas but look like it

didn't it would have been a hell of a

story wouldn't it it would have been a

hell of a story one of the most

extraordinary performances you will ever

be lucky enough to witness Tom Watson

and the Open Championship 2009 I really

felt I was playing well and I knew how

to play this golf course I just didn't

do it in last hole it was almost it's a

dream almost came true