Alexander Pushkin’s The Bridegroom

greetings and welcome back to room 303

and sophomore English we turn now in our

study of poetics unit 4 to page 638 639

and following in our notice just like

our freshman anthology we have poetry

collection so we have a number of poems

that are put together right away we want

to start though we're going to be

working with the pushpin text the bright

group but before we get there we want to

make sure that we have this information

on 639 written and to be the speaker in

poetry the speaker is the voice that

says the words of a poem the speaker may

be a character that the poet invents the

speaker may also very close resemblance

to the poet and of course sometimes the

poetry can actually be the poet is so

however it's wrong to assume as we've

already said that the poet and the

speaker are identical speaker is a

persona an assumed imagined voice in

narrative poetry the speaker tells a

story from a particular point of view

make sure you've got that term narrative


a-any poem that tells a story that's

narrative poetry in lyric poetry the

speaker shares thoughts feelings

insights to create a single unified

impression most poems employ imagery

which is language that appeals to the

senses likewise many poems use

figurative language words and phrases

that create unexpected comparisons or

play with meanings while we're reading

now allow we want to appreciate fluent

reading okay we want to share the

musical qualities of poetry as you read

aloud read fluently with expression and

understanding to achieve reading fluency

adjust your reading rate write that down

first read the poem slowly carefully

make sure you understand that you can

pronounce all the words pay attention to

punctuation and group words for meaning

do not pause at line ends unless

punctuation indicates you should slow

down to emphasize an idea or the sound

of birds reread the poem and listen to

the tone or emotional attitude the words

create you're gonna have a reading chart

at the bottom of page 639 which can help

you we do have some vocabulary on 640

that will end up on the assessment so

make sure you study that we're going to

turn to our first of four writers

Alexander Pushkin and we have a little

bit of biography on him on page 641 know

your days 1799

18:37 the tango the Palmer would be

working with is the bridegroom alexander

pushkin is considered the father of

modern russian literature though a

nobleman he had great sympathy for poor

russian peasants very much like Tolstoy

in literature too he was a rebel drawing

on folklore to express his democratic

ideas now this poem is an interesting

poem it's a variation write this down at

level one it's a variation of the folk

motif of a worthy young person declaring

independence read with me on page 642 an

illusion you want this a to be an

illusion is a reference to a person

event place our artistic work often to

one that is well-known pushpa Pushkin's

poem is an extended allusion to a folk

tale the rapper bright group we want to

write that down the robber bridegroom

from the opening lines Pushkin's Russian

readers would have recognized the story

in which a woman of witnesses a horrible

crime and nearly marries the man who

committed it there will be three

movements in this poem

write this down above the one there will

be three movements in this narrative

poem it's just simply going to tell a

story you could easily turn this poem

into a short story and it would work

rather well I think poetically though it

works far better now let's just read

along we'll read will pause at moments

in level one because this is a longer

poem to make sure we know exactly what

it is that's going on are you ready the

bright group I'm waiting on 643 again

the challenge is conquer monkey mind

follow with me especially those of you

who say I struggled to repo a tree and

enjoy it read along with me and let me

help you learn how to read poetry again

head the bridegroom for three days

Natasha the merchants daughter was

missing the third night she ran in

distraught her father and mother plied

her with questions she didn't hear them

she could hardly breathe stricken with

four Boni they pleaded got angry but

still she was silent and at last they

gave up

Natasha's cheeks regained her rosy color

and cheerfully again she sat at her

sisters once

single-game she sat with her friends and

his a swift toy flashed by before the

baby carriage a sling flashed by before

the a handsome young man stood driving

the horses snow and mud but flying

splashing the girls he gazed as he flew

past and Natasha gazed he flew on

Natasha throws headlong she ran home it

was he it was he she cried I'm knowing I

recognized him Papa mama saved me from

him full of grief and fear they shaved

their heads

mother we noticed the shift from past

the present tense full of grief and fear

they shake their head saying her father

says my child tell me everything if

someone is hard to tell us even a hint

she leaves again and her lips remained


hey let's pause for a second write it

down at level one what do we know so far

three things one the girl in our story

is named Natasha a young girl she comes

in she's clearly really upset but she

won't tell her mom and dad why - she

finally comes back to her normal self

she's sitting outside next to the road

she's sitting with her sisters this

drop-dead gorgeous guy comes driving by

in a sled

he looks directly at her and she

immediately number 3 freaks out

she runs inside she says it was him it

was him - her dad protect me protect me

and the dad says honey whatever you mean

that she doesn't explain to him what's

going on part 2 of the poem 6:44 the

next morning are you reading with me the

next morning the old matchmaking woman

unexpectedly calls and sings the girl's

praises says to the father you have the

goods and I am buyer for them a handsome

young man he bowed low to know when he

lives like a lord with

no worries these wretches generous says

he will give his bride on their wedding

day a fox fur coat a pearl gold rings

brocade addresses yesterday out driving

he saw your Natasha Xiaomi shake hands

and get her to church the woman starts

to eat a pie and talks in riddles while

the poor girl does not know where to


agreed says her father going happiness

to the altar Natasha

it's dull for you here a swallow should

not spend all its time singing it's time

for you to build a nest for your

children Natasha notice now the shift

back to past tense

Natasha leaned against the wall and

tried to speak but found herself sobbing

she was shuddering laughing the

matchmaker poured out a cup of water

get her son to Train splash some in her

face her parents are distressed notice

we're back to present tense Ian then

Natasha recovered notice pestis notice

how Pushkin's playing this game and

calmly she said your will be done call

my bridegroom to the feast bake loaves

for the whole world through sweet me and

call the law to the feast of course

Natasha angel you know we give our lives

to make you happy

they bake and they brew the worthy

guests come the bride is led to the

feast her maid sing and weep

then horses and a sleigh with the groom

in all sit the glasses rated clatter the

toasting cup is passed from hand to hand

and Jim halt the guests are drunk ok

let's put it in level one next movement

in our poem the next day after this

bizarre event with seeing that handsome

boy and the sleigh and all that

the next day the matchmaker comes in

Russian society two things this is what

we call arranged marriages

Russian society you have usually an old

woman whose job it is to kind of play

the middle go between person so the old

woman shows up and says I've got a fine

husband for your daughter

daddy says to his daughter I think it's

time you get married this is probably a

good match daughter freaking out

and yet decides fine let's do it but

notice she makes a request or two let's

make sure we've got a little bit of wine

mean and let's make sure we got law

enforcement here okay now as we sit in

our studies earlier great writers make

readers ask the simple question of why

why what is going on here go ahead and

try and make a prediction really quickly

what you think is going on what do you

think is about to happen in this poem we

now come to the third in the last part

of the poem notice that we're going to

have speakers who will speak by the

headings do you see it so as I read I

will say who it is that's speaking and

of course I will adjust my voice to try

to at least help us to know who it is

that's speaking I'm on page 645 let's go

to work

the bridegroom speaks first I don't mind

a hundred and three friends why is my

fair bride sad why is she not feasting

in serving the bride answers the groom I

will tell me why as best I can

my soul knows no rest day and night I

weep an evil dream oppresses me her

father says my dear child tell us what

your dream is

I dreamed she says then I went into a

forest it was late and dark the moon was

faintly shining behind a cloud on all

6:46 the moon was faintly shining behind

a cloud I strayed from the path nothing

stirred except the stop the tops of the

pine trees and suddenly as if I was

awake I saw a hut I approached the hut

and knocked at the door

silence a prayer on my lips I opened the

door and in turn I

no burns all is silver and gold the

bribery what is bad about that it

promises wealth the bride continues wait


I'm not finished silently I gazed on the

silver and gold the cloth the rugs the

silks from Novgorod and I was lost in

wonder then I heard a shout and a

clatter of hooves

someone has driven by to the port

quickly I slammed the door and hid

behind the stove now I hear many voices

twelve young men come in and with them

as a girl pure and beautiful they taken

no notice of the icons they sit to the

table without praying or taking off

their hats at the head I'm on page 647

at the head the eldest brother at his

right they don't just at his left the

girl shouts laughs tucked in clamor the

bridegroom says that betokens merriment

everybody's happy in other words your

dream is in a bathroom at all the pride

wait sir I'm not finished the tonkin din

goes on and grows louder still only the

girl is said she said silent neither

eating nor drinking but sheds tears in

plenty the eldest brother takes his

knife and whistling sharpens it seizing

her by the hair he kills her and cuts

off her right hand

why says the grove this is nonsense

believe me my love your dream is not


she looks him in the eyes and from whose

hand does that rain come the bride said

the whole frog rose in the silence with

a clatter the rain falls and rolls along

the floor the groom blotches goes pay

trembles confusion sees him the law


he's bound judged put to death Natasha's


our song in alright jot down what

happens in the third part well who is

this guy that she's been asked to marry

of course she knows this is the guy that

she saw while she was wandering in the

woods she saw a girl killed and of

course came back at the beginning of our

poem to be very very distraught when she

sees him riding in the sled she knows

exactly who he is

which is why she goes in to tell her

father and ironically ends up the next

day with the matchmakers help then being

proposed to this guy to be married

known as her to request let's make sure

we got some drinking going on and let's

make sure we got law enforcement there

notice instead of accusing him directly

she tells of a strange dream which was

actually of course what her wandering

through the woods and coming

unexpectedly into this Hut into this

house so hut in the woods and then

witnessing something horrific by the way

this is again an allusion to an old

motif in Russian literature that is to

say she saw something and then she has

to kind of like tell about it or

whatever at the very end of course she

is able through this dream sequence to

make sure that she catches him because

when she asks him where did you get that

brain it drops to the floor and clearly

he's guilty okay that's level one job

down in level two a why do you think the

major message of a poem like this is

some have argued that this is a poem

that suggests you have to be careful

about the people who you associate with

who are strangers sometimes we don't

know everything and because we don't

know everything sometimes we have to

live in a world where we have to be a

little bit cautious around people

another major message here though is the

strength of the young girl notice she

stands up for herself but she uses

intelligence to get through the terrible

experience at to be of course here our

focus is narrative poetry this is a poem

that just simply tells us

or as we said this poem could easily

we've done this before in suffering us

where we took this poem and turned it

into a story and we wrote it with

dialogue and a life

some students however once they've done

that activity have to admit this is

cooler works better as a poem because it

kind of catches you on Aware's

you're like oh what's going on here you

think maybe there's something wrong with

Natasha and then you find out at the end

really this is a poem about a hero a

heroine a young girl who figures out a

way to make sure that justice is served

at 3 8 what is the text for you that

comes closest to a story like this did

you have a text where somebody in the

end gets what they deserved

right that is to say they kind of

thought they would get away with

something but at the very end they

somehow get Jack and it may have

something to do with a smart young girl

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice comes

to mind you can write that one down

a play that you would love to study

later in your high school career playing

the exact same kind of game

finally at 3 B well it's time in your

life when you helped some unjust act be

sir justice what was a time in your life

when you assume something about someone

only to discover later that he or she

was not what he or she appeared to me I

hope that your study of Pushkin will

read lead you to read more poems by this

amazing poet thank you