Why you should read 2nd ESDRAS (4th EZRA) Jesus (Yahshua) quoted/fulfilled it!



hey brother hey sisters Adam here with

the parable of the vineyard youtube

channel as always I pray you're doing

well strong in faith and eyes to Yeshua

HaMashiach Jesus Christ who is our King

of Kings our Lord of lords our Savior

the author of our salvation well the

sisters I want to do a quick comparison

between the book of second estrus

chapter 1 verses Matthew chapter 23 I

want to show you guys with Scripture the

yeshua jesus christ himself actually

quoted from this book and i want you to

study for yourself and see where the

ruach ha'qodesh the Holy Spirit leads

you so first I'm gonna read from second

has dressed which is also known as

fourth Ezra and I'm gonna read you some

verses from Chapter one and then we're

gonna read Matthew chapter 23 so let's

let's start here at let's see verse 25

seeing you have forsaken me I will

forsake you also when you desire me to

be gracious unto you I shall have no

mercy upon you

whensoever you shall call upon me I will

not hear you for you have defiled your

hands with blood and your feet are Swift

to commit manslaughter you have not as

it were forsaken me but your ownselves

says yahuwah thus says el shaddai

yahuwah I have not prayed you as a

father his sons as a mother her

daughters and a nurse her young babies

that you would be my people and I should

be your Elohim your God that you would

be my children and I should be your

father I gathered you together as a hen

gathers her chickens under her wings but

now what should I do unto you I'll cast

you out for my face when you offer unto

me I will turn my face from you for your

song feast days your new moons and your


I have forsaken I set unto you my

servants the prophets whom you have

taken and slain and torn their bodies

and pieces whose blood I will require of

your hands says Yahoo

thus says el shaddai yahuwah your house

is desolate I will cast you out as the

wind does stubble and your children

shall not be fruitful for they have

despised my commandment and done the

thing that is evil before mine eyes so

now we're gonna take a look at Matthew

chapter 23 in a couple phrases key terms

I want you to remember all that was

bundled in those verses I want you to

remember that the blood of the prophets

is on their hands that they are Swift to

commit manslaughter that he would have

gathered them as a hen gathers her

chicks under her wings and also that

your house has left desolate unto you

remember those key phrases or terms in

that section of Scripture now let's take

a look at Matthew chapter 23 verses 34

through 39 wherefore behold I send unto

you prophets and wise men and scribes

and some of them ye shall kill and

crucify and some of them ye shall

scourge in your synagogues and persecute

them from city to city that upon you may

come all the righteous blood shed upon

the Earth from the blood of righteous

abel havel unto the blood of zechariah

zechariah son of erica huber caius whom

he slew between the temple and the altar

Amane us and to you all these sayings

shall come upon this nation

oh yeah Russia shall I am yerushalayim

that's Jerusalem Jerusalem you that kill

the prophets and stone of them that are

sent unto you how often I would have

gathered your children together even as

a hen gathers her chickens under her

wings and you would not behold your

house is left desolate unto you for I

say unto you you shall not see me

henceforth till ye shall say blessed is

he that comes in the name of yahuwah so

brothers and sisters i ask you to

examine the evidence for yourself via

Berean study for yourself do not do not

listen to what the traditions of men

will teach you this book has but was

removed for many reasons

mainly it describes the shape of the

earth which is a very controversial

topic in these last days but truth it is

nonetheless so one last thing

the sisters a little nugget if you will

of a blessing of some truth in which we

know the Book of Isaiah and a few others

prophesied that Yeshua the the our

Savior would also be the light of the

Gentiles but here in Ezra 4th Ezra 2nd

Esdras we get even more meat than that

and it is actually a blessing to read

and I've got the Holy Spirit bumps all

over me as I'm about to read this it is

just awesome so right after verse 34

that I finished in chapter 1 verse 35

this is a beautiful nugget that I want

to impart you with your houses I will

give unto a people that shall come which

not having heard of me yet shall believe

me so listen to that so we haven't seen

the prophets we've only heard of them

yet we believe to whom I have showed no

signs yet they shall do things I command

them they have seen no prophets yet they

shall call their sins to remembrance

repentance and acknowledge them I take

to witness the grace of the people to

come whose little ones rejoice in

gladness amen and though they have not

seen me with bodily eyes yet another law

the spirit they believe the thing that I

say and now brother behold what glory

and see the people that shall come from

the east unto whom I will give for

leaders of her hum Abraham its

Isaac and yeah Gulf Jacob who shot a

mock mica Yahoo Yoel Ovid ah Hugh Yana

knew whom and Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai

Zechariah and Malachi II which is also

called an angel of yahuwah and if you

didn't know as brothers and sisters

those were just the Hebrew names for

many of the prophets so brothers and

sisters again I ask you to test this for

yourself if I ask you to pray on it and

see what the whole where the Holy Spirit

leads you because I know the Holy Spirit

will not let me let go of these books

it'd be much easier for me to put these

down and just read scripture and study

Scripture with you from the 66 books

that we all can agree on however I feel

it is the my mission the

that the father has given me to gently

plant these seeds for you and let you

determine for yourself if this is where

he wants you to be led so brothers and

sisters test all things hold fast which

is good and trust and believe in Yeshua

HaMashiach who is our King of Kings who

died on the cross for us his blood is

what covers us what cleans us and His

Word is what washes us every day

brothers and sisters do not forsake his

word it is that is the water we are

likened to trees to plants we need the

water to grow we need the water to live

we don't live by bread alone but by

every word that proceedeth from the

mouth of god yahuwah our Creator praise

be to him

buzzing sisters I love you the name

Yeshua maranatha he is coming soon