Why is the Bible so hard to read?

oh hey yeah I'm wrong you know after 32

years of studying the Bible people ask

me all the time

why is the Bible so hard to read I was

thinking about us the other day and you

know Jesus spoke to his disciples in

parables parables a little bit like a

proverb and he used everyday examples in

life and taught from those everyday

examples lessons hidden messages that

are contained from those everyday

examples and his disciples came to him

in Matthew chapter 13 in verse 10 and

they asked him and they said why do you

have to use these analogies in these

lessons and these metaphors why do you

use parables why can't you just say it

as it is why can't you just tell the

lesson and Jesus response was really


he said because it's for you to know the

mysteries of the kingdom of God but for

these other people it's so that they do

not know so that it's kept secret from

them very strange answer isn't it

because isn't Jesus all about saving

life don't even want to save everybody

well he does but he doesn't want to just

give these things to everybody it's

about putting in some effort it's about

putting in some time you know as as

people we spend a lot of time on things

like crossword puzzles and Sudoku things

that can provide a challenge I remember

years ago I spent I don't know how many

hours trying to do the Rubik's Cube and

all of these things they challenged us

well God is no different he's given us

his word the Bible and he's put it in

such a way as that he wants us to put

effort into searching and understanding

the message and the lessons which are in

it in proverbs chapter 25 and verse 2

it says it's the glory of God to conceal

something but it's the honor of kings to

search out the answer to those things to

search out the meaning behind them and

in doing so and in putting the effort in

Jesus said ask and you shall see receive

seek and ye shall find knock and it

shall be opened to you if you put the

evidence and you put a time and you will

find the answer and eventually the Bible

will become easier and easier to you and

eventually you'll be able to understand

what God is trying to teach you and the

reward in that it's not just about

eternal life for the future it'll help

you to become a better father a better

mother a better person you'll be able to

interact and understand all the

challenges that you might face in life

because the Bible was full of really

good life lessons but you'll never find

them unless you put in the effort and in

the time