Why should we read the Bible / study the Bible?

why should we read and study the Bible

we're going to answer that question we

should read and study the Bible because

it is literally God breathed in other

words it is God's very words to us there

are so many common questions God answers

what is the purpose to life where did I

come from is there life after death

how do I get to heaven is the world full

of evil why do I struggle to do good and

in addition to these big questions the

Bible gives us practical advice in areas

such as what do I look for in a mate how

can I have a successful marriage how can

I be a good friend how can I be a good


what is success and how do I achieve it

how can I change what really matters in

life how can I live so that I do not

look back with regret we should read and

study the Bible because it is totally

reliable and without error

unlike other holy books the Bible

encourages us to test it by checking the

prophecies historical accounts and the

scientific facts

it contains Jesus once proved he had the

ability to forgive since something we

cannot see with our eyes by healing the

paralytic something those around him

could test with their eyes

similarly we are given assurance that

God's Word is true when we test it in

our own lives we should read and study

the Bible because God's and mankind's

nature's do not change it is as relevant

for us as it was when it was written

there is nothing new Under the Sun the

Bible is so important that Jesus said of

it man does not live on bread alone but

by every word that comes from the mouth

of God if we want to live our lives to

the fullest we must listen to and heed

God's written word we should read and

study the Bible because there is so much

false teaching the Bible gives us the

measuring stick by which we can

distinguish truth from error it tells us

what God is like how one truly gets to

heaven etc by these and other

we can distinguish the truth from

everyday lies the Bible equips

us to serve God it helps us know how to

be saved from our sin in its ultimate

consequence meditating on God's Word and

obeying its teachings will bring us

success in life it gives us guidance in

life and keeps us from wasting years of

our lives on that which does not matter

and will not last reading and studying

the Bible helps us learn from others

mistakes and sinful temptations

experience is a great teacher but it is

so much better to learn from the mini

Bible characters for example David in

his defeat of Goliath teaches us that

God is greater than anything he asks us

to face while his giving into temptation

to commit adultery with Bathsheba

reveals how long-lasting and terrible

the consequences of a sin can be the

Bible is a book that is not merely for

reading it is a book for studying so

that it can be applied otherwise no

nutritional value is gained from it the

Bible is God's Word we can ignore it but

we do so to our own detriment

it cannot be emphasized strongly enough

just how important the Bible is to our

lives the more we make an effort to

really dig into it the more reward we

will gain for our effort that answers

the question why should we read and

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