Why is the Bible so important?

Why is the Bible so important?

Maybe I can start by telling you why the Bible is important for me personally.

I read regularly in the Bible, and pray with it every day, and I find that these old texts have a freshness that is unique.

Every day I find a new aspect, and I'm nourished and helped by what I read.

You could ask "How is that possible?!", whilst these texts contained in the Bible were written thousands of years ago.

I think I would answer that although the human authors are the ones that wrote down the words, every text is inspired by God himself.

And that is why we call it the 'Word of God'. It is a very rich collection describing every human emotion and experience, pain, joy, desire.

And it is my personal experience that each page expresses the closeness of God to us human beings.

And also, that opening yourself to his love and grace helps you personally, both in your life and in your faith.

It may be difficult sometimes to see beyond, and recognise the deeper meaning of some rather dry texts, especially in the Old Testament.

At the same time, what I learn by reading the New Testament texts about Jesus, helps me to better understand other parts of the Bible.

In the New Testament, God shows himself as being even closer to us people than in the Old Testament.

I don't have to take everything literally, for the message of the Bible texts is usually much deeper and more penetrating than just a factual description:

it's an account of the love of God and the way he hopes that we will relate to Him and to our fellow people.

Thus the texts I read in the Bible are effective in my life today. And this can be true also for you!

The Bible is the Word of God: it contains a message for you at this moment. If you open yourself to it, you can hear God speaking to you.