Danger to the Belize Barrier Reef

the 200-feet vessel named Samadhi the

true anchor on the Belize Barrier Reef

has absconded the line Belize and has

made it sweep to Honduras on Sunday

February 9 localism divers as well as

tourists on various dive expeditions

were astonished and in this me to see

the huge vessel had anchored inside

popular dive site known as the aquarium

situated at Long Key inside the

Lighthouse Reef atoll the huge anchor

holding the 1036 ton vessel was attached

to over a hundred feet of chain that was

observed dragging and breaking the

beautiful coral reef formation the shank

of the anchor at the Fluke stock rung

and triple ring was hooked to a patch of

life around the images of the dragon

chain shows part of the damages caused

so the popular dive destination by the

loser yet the yacht in question has 16

cabins and can hold 15 crew members and

12 guests it has an estimated cost of

the u.s. fifty million dollars an

internet document traces the owner to

Daniel set lobe of New York USA

according to lieutenant rocky Canole

Operations Manager at the Belize Coast

Guard they received information late on

Sunday evening and by the time they

arrived at the area it was learned that

the vessel had left from 6:00 p.m.

kunal indicated that information

gathered is that the vessel departed to

Honduras he did indicated that they are

currently working with their Honduras

come to part to see what can be done

Janell Chianina vice-president of Oceana

in Belize said that the government of

Belize should impose penalties on

whoever posed the damages and

destruction of the reef and further

calls on a government to put in place

stringent policies to ensure that such

destructive occurrences does not repeat

itself footage seeing

the the chain and the anchor we can't

believe that that not only that it was

done but then that it was subsequently

pulled open and the boat just left

Malaysian waters we certainly join

wholeheartedly the call by the

government of Belize that that company

means to take responsibility for its

actions immediately and once the

assessment has been completed that that

company should pay our fines and levies

because of this incident it's just

horrendous to look at our marine

resources so we certainly echoed that

call underlined it bolded they need to

take responsibility in every way shape

and form for for what they have done so

we understand I mean several tour guides

and shop owners have contacted on saying

you know this kind of thing happens all

the time but they were I guess looking

at the silver lining that here is very

clear evidence of what happened in this

instant and documented it in such a way

that it can be leveraged as evidence and

we we therefore look forward to

everything that anyone anywhere can do

to make sure that they are repercussions

for the people that that did this damage

and caused this destruction because it's

absolutely unacceptable

so whereas this may happen often it is

not often that we have hard evidence to

show exactly what was done I mean the

anchor was still connected to the vessel

so I believe investigations are underway

to review all the footage that may have

been captured and provide that so that

as part of the investigations the owners

can be identified and and brought to

bear the consequences of their actions

to safeguard Corral's mooring points

were installed many years ago to prevent

the need of dropping anchor and the

fragile ecosystem love news understand

the Department of Environment is

investigating the incident

all attempts to get comments from the


our mental officer at the Department of

the Environment mr. Martin Alegria were

futile it is uncertain if other beliefs

and authorities will be working with any

international authorities to try to

bring sanctions on the captain and owner

of the yacht what is certain is that

divers were using the dive site on

Sunday indicated that the constant

drugging of the anchor caused serious

damages to that particular portion of

the reef reporting full of news from San

Pedro Tong am her hail Donna