Here's What Taking the Bar Exam Is Really Like

terrified tired and stressed out who's

just a little nervous nervous nervous

totally relaxed I did wear my lucky

t-shirt so that's key

I'm really pumped Norah Rose you're


hard-faced once lectures were done and

review was done and you have like two

weeks to just do whatever you want to do

and I pretty much cried and throw up

freak-outs that's a regular approach

quite a few yeah part of you panic

attacks throughout the process my

freak-outs is quieter probably more

internal I got in bed at 8:00 I fell

asleep at some time after I couldn't

believe it all got up at 6:00 o'clock

which I never do you never get up law

students don't even get a 65 I mean this

is absurd

this is wrong it's anxiety I just

decided to stay up the night two nights

before and then sleep extra confidential

there's a long day all of you everyone

they kind of come inside which bag but

take the chip go back outside the right

stuff down and put it in their pocket

and come back in Center

do you see people try to cheat yes more

than one thing what's the weirdest thing

you've ever seen a gardening

where's it coming every Talca home

into the exam well like a fifth

a jackass no not a fear literally like a


it's like one of those movies from like

Berlin in 1930 like when the Nazis are

like going to the Olympics or whatever

everyone's just like good straight line

it's weird it's crowded people are

nervous people are officially in the

beginning yeah looking around and looks

like an airplane hangar it's not not

cold I'm just like this is summer and I

was called tomorrow I'm wearing a jacket

maybe some sauce pink room with bread

walls like in the shining I do not have

a job waiting for me but neither do any

of my friends so it's fine yeah I have a

job waiting for me I don't have it but

it's waiting somewhere let's hope I get

a job no no I do not have a job I do

have a job

right where your work London Fisher I'm

gonna work a dexhart working for that

federal government we're working for

Revenue Service office of chief counsel

I'm actually opened up my own firm and

I'm announcing my bid for New York City

Council next week

it was a wonderful decision I always

wanted to be a lawyer

ever since I was a little kid I used to

watch la la and want to be Susan day I'm

still debating with that I'm still

unsure yeah

yeah do over again that's right so

that's what really so that's a really

interesting question I'll let you know

in a few months when you've had one you

learned if you man when I learned if I

pass and when I learned if I have a job

so I'll let you know that it was but

just barely just barely knowing what I

know now would have been a much tougher

course good very good I think that uh

I'm gonna benefit from this you know you

know the hard economy get out there now

find a job and I'll be very happy to

wanted to do it and so high school

career whose Ferguson's what I wanted to

do beforehand and for a long time before

his in hard times for you know the job

market or whatever it was the most

amazing decision acted ever made

and and I think it was because of

Professor Roy told me I couldn't do it

next question please