Crystal Clear Waters You MUST Visit this Summer

crystal clear waters you must visit this


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covers most of the world but there have

two places where the water is better

than others right let's take a look at

those places where the sieve shines and

Shores are clean and you will have

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videos palawan Philippines the province

of Palawan consists of 1700 Islands that

sit between the Sulu Sea and the South

China Sea the largest island is called

palawan which measures 31 miles wide and

280 miles long that's a lot of room for

beautiful sandy beaches there are many

tourist attractions for outdoor

enthusiasts to enjoy one of those is the

corona reefs in northern palawan which

is listed by Forbes Traveler magazine as

one of the top ten best scuba sites on

earth another favorite spot is the big

Lagoon and a pill beach and El Nido if

you're more into relaxing near shallow

waters you might want to visit these

places instead porto kutsuki greece

porto Cacique means go to port in greek

that doesn't seem like the most romantic

name but I mean look at this place

does the name really matter Porto

Katsuki is located in Lefkada Greece the

defining characteristic of this port is

the crescent-shaped enclosed shoreline

at the bottom of this concave pale cliff

while there are restaurants and parking

lots there isn't anywhere to stay and

camping is prohibited so if you want to

visit Kisuke

you should just plan a day trip damn

trow Vietnam damn trow is located in the

barrio Vaughan province of Vietnam one

of the most significant drawbacks for

some at least to damn trowel is that

there is an airport nearby now and then

you'll probably notice some low-flying

planes coming in the water is so clear

that once it approaches the shore it's

difficult to see where the sand ends and

the ocean begins a tropical jungle of

pine trees and bamboo surround the beach

making you feel like the rest of

civilization is whirled away until

another plane flies by fool adieu

Maldives the tropical nation of the

Maldives can be found in the Indian

Ocean southeast of Sri Lanka over 1,000

coral islands make up the Maldives a

place famous for its beaches and resorts

with a lot of places to check out it may

be difficult to navigate

exactly where you should go but we can

tell you at least one will that do this

island is longer than it is wide

allowing winds to become gentle breezes

when close to land

tourists are met with an abundance of

lagoons and white sand beaches it is

more secluded than the other busy

islands allowing you to see much more

wildlife Crater Lake USA let's take a

break from all the beautiful sunny

shores up next it's Crater Lake a place

people love not only for the snow dusted

mountains that enclose the lake but also

for the vibrant blue waters clarity

Crater Lake is located in south-central

Oregon and is the favorite feature of

the Crater Lake National Park

swimming is allowed the tourists are

recommended to take the two-hour boat

tour provided by the park rangers the

Klamath tribe of Native Americans

consider the lake as an abode to the

Great Spirit and regarded as a spiritual

site ambergris key Belize ambergris key

measures one mile wide and 25 miles long

making it the largest island Belize

though there have been human made

modifications over the years the natural

landscape of this place features a ring

of white sand with a mangrove swamp at

the center the largest settlement and

the only town on ambergris is San Pedro

town where you'll encounter smaller

villages and resorts Hanauma Bay Hawaii

on Oahu's coast is a marine and a mint

known as Hanauma Bay don't expect a

crowded tourist trap here authorities of

Hanauma Bay are more focused on

educating tourists about the history and

conservation of wildlife in this area

than they are concerned about how much

tourist traffic they can bring in as a

result a huge drawing point for visitors

is snorkeling in the Nature Preserve

home to parrotfish

green sea turtles and beautiful reefs

elephant beach travel to India and

weighed the waters of have alakh island

frequent visitors suggest people sojourn

to the islands elephant beach just 20

minutes away by boat from the Havelock

dock tracing that three times fast

elephant beach comes with soft white

sand and shining blue waters of many

other islands but what sets this place

apart first off the boat ride to the

beach where he passed through the

lighthouse is said to be a beautiful

scene then once you arrive you may

participate in all sorts of activities

not only is there snorkeling and

swimming but there's also kayaking

trekking and bird-watching oh right and

there are lots of elephants too

Emerald Lake USA hanging Lake ratone

Mesa Summit Lake what do all of these

places have in common they all exist

within the boundaries of Colorado what

we're talking about today though is

emerald lakes people come here often to

participate in swimming and souping

which stands for stand-up paddle surfing

or stand-up paddleboarding people who

prefer to hike can also enjoy this area

as there is a three-mile trail from

Emerald to Bear Lake Emerald Lake is a

highly frequented area so be aware that

the water might feel a little crowded a

Grem knees grease back to Greece for

this one a gram knee is located on the

Ionian island of lefkada for centuries a

Grem knee was a completely remote beeps

that was difficult to access

however the 90s rolled around and

suddenly tourism was able to take better

shape since then a Grem knee became one

of the top destinations in Europe and

why not with the installment of the

sealed Road more people can experience

the Pebble Beach and Clearwater Exuma

Bahamas Exuma is a Bahamian district

that consists of more than 365 islands

or keys most people refer to these

regions as the Exuma z-- the largest key

is Great Exuma you can reach little

Exuma via a bridge that connects it to

exhume as have everything you could want

in a summer trip and more porcelain

white beaches check cantinas in the most

popular areas of the coastline check

reefs and even fossils to observe while

you're snorkeling you got that too on

top of that the exhume azar also known

for the famous swimming pigs that wiggle

through the waters of big major keys

south water key belize south water key

is situated right on the edges of Belize

Barrier Reef which has greatly benefited

the local economy because not only are

you right on a beach in general but you

also have the allure of an eco friendly

atmosphere south waters pelican beach is

a hot spot for an affordable getaway

people can enjoy all the greatest things

about police while also staying in a 3

star resort cottage if you just want a

place to unwind stargazing and seaside

lounging proved very peaceful here peyto

lake canada want to go where the air is

crisp and the water shines a shimmering

turquoise look no further than canada's

peyto lake located in Banff National

Park of the Canadian Rockies the water

comes from the cauldron lake and paedo

glacier the turquoise hue comes from the

glacial flow which has silt sized

particles of rock that originated from

glacial erosion

wearing away at the foundation the body

of water is named after Bill paedo a

famous pioneer and trail guide from the


region man nini Oh Wally Beach Hawaii

are you surprised that Hawaii is on this

list twice it really just makes sense

next is Mohini Oh Wally Beach located in

the cool bay of the kikaha Kai State

Park this can all be found on Hawaii's

Big Island and hosts a whole variety of

things to do like boogie boarding and

snorkeling unlike a lot of frequented

beaches in Hawaii many mio Wally is

secluded and comparatively small surfers

may come in bigger groups during the

winter because that's when the waves are

most active there's not a lot of people

here not only because of its size but

because access is not easy you must

climb down ten feet of rock to reach the

sand rabbit beach Italy if we trust all

the raving reviews about this place then

we would tell you that it's the best

beach in the world however you might

have to go down to Rapid Beach and

figure that out for yourself rabbit

beach sometimes called rabbit island is

far out on the Mediterranean Sea with

the closest land being the Sicilian

coast the formation of the island is

enough to marvel at itself it looks like

a towering cliff floating on the sea

instead of rabbits living here you'll

find many loggerhead turtles why is it

called a rabbit beach then the real name

of the island is rabbit with one B which

has Arabic origins menorca Spain you've

probably heard of Majorca but it's

smaller counterpart menorca is beloved

to menorca is one of the balearic

islands on the Mediterranean Sea that

belonged to Spain the image associated

with menorca are usually pristine waters

where you can see the shadows of boats

right on the sea floor when you feel

bored with the sea which is unlikely you

can enjoy other things about the island

like the colorful architecture ancient

ruins festivals and highly rated

restaurants locals speak both Catalan

and Spanish so don't forget to bring

some translation books along aitutaki

Cook Islands aitutaki is part of the

Cook Islands located in the South

Pacific Ocean aitutaki is neither an

island nor an atoll put something in

between this almost at whole is quite

small and only measures 6.97 square

miles an area the single human-made

features here are the beach bungalows

the Barrier Reef forms a triangular

shape the lagoon here is a bright

aquamarine color reflecting clear skies

before we reveal the top spot and we've

got a question for you do you prefer

tropical getaways or would you rather

explore a metropolitan city let us know

your favorite vacations in the comments


five flower Lake China five flower Lake

is like a rainbow came to earth and

turned into a body of water this nature

reserve is nestled in the min mountains

of the Tibetan Plateau of China's

Sichuan province by flower Lake is 15

feet deep but you can see all of it

because the water is that clear some

days the lake is a sapphire blue other

times it appears amber orange or light

turquoise locals consider the lake a

holy site during the winter it does not

freeze because a hot spring flows into

it there are wooden walkways that

restrict where humans can tread since

the preservation of wildlife is very

important to this Nature Reserve