The History of the Australian Flag

great buy anything position the

Australian the Australian flag I like it

the Union Jack on the top left corner

the Southern Cross the seven-point con

will star and the red inside wait one

flags are used to represent a nation

country or state there are other things

flags represent but you didn't click

this video for that the Australian flag

has a history as any flag should have

and so I'm going through how we got from

this flag to this flag okay boys raise

the context flag the first unofficial

flag Australia was the United flag in

1770 when Captain James Cook or rather

his men with the flag among other flags

recognized as British Union flag was

official in 1788 by Governor Arthur

Phillip then in 1801 the flag changed to

be the Union Jack at the North Island

became part of the United Kingdom the

Union Jack comes from the three older

flags from the Union the Red Cross or

st. George

representing the kingdom of England the

whites altar of st. Andrew representing

the kingdom of Scotland which together

form the first Union flag in 1606 and

the red salty of st. Patrick

representing Northern Ireland there was

an unofficial flag in 1831 in New South

Wales - trying to be the nation's flag

it was used more often between 1882 1899

leading up to Australians independence

there was also a contest in 1900 for the

official strong effect which received

mixed results to the people Australia

and dinner last long after a year the

Australian states joined together for

the Federation of Australia to become

calm wealth Australia however during the

celebration of the formation of the

Australian nation Australia had no

official national flag to fly aside for

the Union Jack so they needed a new flag

how this came to be well a contest yes

another contest the flag had to have two

versions one read and sign for the

Merchant Service in public use and a

bloomin sign for the official a

government use now the Australian Armed

Forces did use both cars but I'll get to

it later over 32,000 different flags

were submitted also including Nasia

submissions to the review of reviews

awesome review title by April 5 almost

identical designs were the winners each

receiving 40 pounds that's a bit over

6000 in 2017

all flags had the Union Jack at the top

left corner a six-point star below known

as the Commonwealth star each point

representing the six states that form

the Federation the difference of flakes

came to the points of the stars on the

Southern Cross the constellation the

flag was flying on 3rd September 1901 in

Melbourne yay we have a flag

however in 1903 the flag was slightly

changed Southern Cross was changed for

that all but the small star had 7 points

also this version was approved by King

Edward the seventh yes we need the Kings

approval in 1903 in 1909 the flag was

slightly changed again this time a

seventh point was added to the complan

star representing the internal and

external territories Oh would you look

at that this flag made through the two

world wars let's talk about the soldiers

using the flag during World War 1

Australia used the red version to

represent Australia evident in memorials

photos and posters it was common for the

typical Australian to recognize the red

flag as their national flag the blue

versions intention was for the military

ship sent maybe a few bases in the

Second World War the blue version was

more prevalent in posters and improv

other propaganda the military was using

the blue flag along with their own flag

though there was some confusion from the

prime minister late in the war

whoever citizens still use the red

version and depending on offense the

Union Jack though very little so still

the red version was still the national

flag Australia and there was no mass

hate to change it to the blue flag so

how did it get changed enter Sir Robert

Menzies Prime Minister of Australia from

1949 to 1966

a man who would crop up in other videos

but to keep this short in 1953 he passed

the flag fact of 1953 for the blue

version to be the national flag


why he did this because the flag was red

as the Cold War and the Red Scare

bringing up his campaign include

Illuminati communists intro in short he

had the power to pass acts without the

consent of the Australian citizens and

the cunning to pass through Parliament

so everyone after the act was kind of

okay about it today we use and recognise

the blue version as the national flag of

Australia and the red version well it

still used as it was intended for

merchant ships and even antic rights

there are other flags that are flags of

Australia but that's a video for another

day however it's kind of strange that

the knowledge gap from the Union Jack to

today's flag is not really taught in

Australia and I didn't know about it

until my research especially the 19th of

victory' change a flag change due to a

man's political gain but the fear of

communists without the consent of the

Australian citizen Wow this is Riz of

Australian history thank you for

watching to the end of the video I try

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month if you're from the future check

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