The Driest Desert In The World | Atacama Desert


so we made it to this pretty cool

attraction in the middle of the desert

it's the hand of the desert of the Monod

del desierto I'm telling you this now

because it is so windy outside that you

are not going to be able to hear a thing

once I step outside of this van let's go

check it out v10 see you skills

it's like polished right here from

people trying to climb it

I had my climbing shoes out I could

totally do it convenient excuse


we have traveled through northern chile

we're actually in a town called San

Pedro de Atacama this is an absolutely

magical place it's a tiny little town in

the middle of the desert it's actually

pretty high in elevation but it's way

more touristy than we thought it was

going to be even though the city isn't

like super developed it's Utah

it's basically Utah we are gonna go into

town and supposedly if you guys remember

from our series through Mexico pani o

was an amazing French bakery in san

miguel de allende they're supposed to be

an amazing French bakery here good

morning guys we just woke up super

excited for some French pastries like

amazing iconic incredible destination in

the middle of Chile we're gonna get some

French pastries this morning


George is having a dog so it doesn't

look like they have that actual pastries

that we've been craving since Mexico but

it is an authentic looking French bakery

so when in Rome or Chile in a French

bakery we're gonna get some treats

we were young here we were free and


never bother back what could be coming

it's pretty crazy all through Central

and South America we always end up

finding the French bakeries and they're

always so good I've been to France one

time however we did not visit a bakery

you leave it or not because we only

cross the border for maybe like an hour

or two and then we came back I think in

our future is a trip to France looks

more some real French bakeries we're

getting so much weight I would have

liked a whole pastry set up for the day

with coffee and pastries at four or five

different locations that sounds like an

excellent day to me maybe if we go back

to mountain biking yeah we're gonna

finish breakfast here and then we were

gonna head out and start exploring the

Atacama Desert


breakfast was delicious we headed back

to the van grabbed our motorcycle and

took off to go explore this beautiful

desert we had just left town and we're

driving through some of these crazy dirt

roads to go see some of the amazing

ruins around here and all of a sudden

the backpack with all of our camera

equipment in the basket on the back of

the motorcycle fell off so it popped off

the back of the motorcycle bounced a few

times on the dirt road definitely

freaked us out so we pull over


grab the backpack make sure everything's

okay of course we don't have any zip

ties zip ties are what was holding the

basket to the motorcycle so Trent has

run back over to the van he's back in

town gonna grab some more zip ties

hopefully we're able to easily secure it

back to the motorcycle and we will be on

our way again shortly when I initially

installed the crate I put on these zip

ties they're not super beefy

but I put like seven or eight of them I

tightened them all down as much as I

could now I got this big beefy guy just

look at the size difference I'm gonna

put some more of these small ones around

the perimeter for some extra

stabilization feels super solid now

I laugh in the face of adversity

hahahaha let's go



we made it to the turbine ek Lagoon in

the salar de atacama an incredible

desert super high up in the Andean

mountains it's like this crazy plateau

at really high elevation we're so close

to the Sun I mean I'm not usually a Sun

burner and I'm burnt I'm getting

flash-fried I can tell but we're up here

and what's crazy about this place is

that it's basically the remnants of what

the earth used to be before it was

inhabited by like animals and humans

thirty-eight million years ago it's

pretty crazy you can actually look it up

the Atacama Desert in Chile is actually

the driest desert in the world

ironically enough it rained a little bit

last night so that was kind of cool but

it's super crazy we rode the Moto all

the way out here we're literally in the

middle of nowhere there's like not even

sound it's literally just absolutely

quiet these extremophiles organisms

thrived in these harsh conditions and

produced oxygen as a sub product of

their metabolic activity which created

the conditions for other living

organisms to live these extreme

environmental conditions are still

present in a few remote parts of the

world like the Andean Highlands and

allows us to gather crucial information

on the origin of life making this desert

a unique place for the study of

astrobiology insane it's crazy to think

that there's probably some place like

this on another planet where there's

these little micro organisms that are

producing oxygen and minerals and maybe

in 38 million years there'll be some

people walking around

you and I maybe Tuesday morning

Sun high in the sky not failed feels

really good to be able to just sit in

the shade outside the van it looked like

it was gonna rain for a minute and it

was super hot so we were like very

welcoming to the rain

however we were in the middle of the

desert so we hightailed it back to the

van so that we could get some shade get

some shelter in case it rained try to

regroup I think we're gonna eat some

lunch and then hopefully we're gonna

head to buy a de la Luna which is the

Valley of the Moon you guys haven't had

caprese or bruschetta the one that's in

our cookbook it is absolutely amazing I

never used to like Tomatoes now I'm just

like feed me tomatoes every single day

which is good because I know tomatoes

are healthy for you so I'm coming up I'm

coming up in the world I'm starting to

eat Tomatoes trying to be a little more

healthy I haven't really been eating

butter cookies lately I had a pastry

this morning but it wasn't a sweet

pastry it was like a savory pastry

trying to be healthy guys

tomatoes Tomatoes her really good he's

come a long way just reading some of

your guys's comments in case you don't

know I literally go through and read

every single comment I respond to as

many as possible somebody also said take

it from an old guy bengay works at our

age the waiter said our age makes me

feel like I'm so I think we mentioned

earlier we're here in the driest desert

in the world so it's not only raining

right now but off in the distance this

direction the sky is basically black

it's very very dark gray there's a lot

of precipitation coming we keep hearing

really loud thunder which means there's

lightning out there somewhere the valley

of the moon is on our on our list we are

trying to get there this afternoon

hopefully this little storm just blows

by we were getting some work done and

hanging out in the van and I was using

the fly swatter to get some flies and I

accidentally seriously electrocuted

myself maybe like 20 minutes ago and

that was nothing as I'm sure you guys

know compared to what lightning would

feel like so definitely trying to avoid

that if at all possible so I guess we'll

just wait out this storm and see what

happens we didn't come all this way do

not see the valley of the moon

we're going even though it looks like

it's gonna rain we're gonna try our best

alright guys so there is a national park

or a little area that you have to pay to

get into called va de la Luna which is

the Valley of the Moon and this is

basically it here behind us but this is

like the bird's eye view it's absolutely

breathtaking we can feel raindrops and

the clouds are definitely coming in so I

know it's about to rain but I'm so glad

we made it here before the storm it's


and we're trying really hard to get this

footage for you we don't even know if

you can hear us because of how windy it

is I was about to launch the drone the

winds picked up it started dumping rain

probably don't even look wet but as soon

as we got on the bike it was like super

gnarly we couldn't even get the GoPro

out to film it so we came back to camp

and a lot of the motorcycle I think that

there's a big storm rolling in so we're

getting ready to button down the hatches

got the moon shade taken down got the

bike loaded up it is still looking

rather precarious but the driest place

on the planet or the driest desert and

the planet

it sure has rained a lot over here which

is just our luck pretty much all through

Central America it was rainy season

everywhere we went as soon as we hit

South America it was like beginning to

be rainy season my life has just been

rainy season for like a year plus in the

world so the girl Cassie that was

traveling solo in the Volkswagen bus she

was actually here last night but she

left this morning she's headed to

Argentina but our friends Elliot and

Seoul in the other Volkswagen bus are

actually over here chillin in the same

camp spot so today has been a lot of

time in the Sun pretty stressful ending

I think we're gonna grab a beer and hang

out Elliot and Sol for a little bit


really good food well it was nice to

kick back have a beer with friends on

the road now we are actually gonna head

into town and get some food because one

is not a good grocery store in town to

all we have is the broccoli and

mushrooms we love we love but I'm not

trying to make a whole meal out of

broccoli and mushrooms okay I found a

place it's a six minute walk

yeah that's pizza you'd be okay with



what do I believe what makes me feel it

it looks like there's no tables I'm

super busy to go two hours a day five

months early I loved you too





it's been such an unexpectedly fun day

today in the San Pedro de Atacama Desert

we avoided a huge thunderstorm we got an

amazing sunset we got to explore some

incredible extremophiles microorganisms

we ate a little bit of rain storm but we

avoided a good portion of it and if I

have to be entirely honest I've had

better pizza but when in Chile you can't

complain but the women jala we have

Italian accidents apparently in his

chili that's supposed to be Italian

anyway we want to thank you guys so much

for coming along to the driest desert in

the world hopefully you guys enjoyed

this video if you did show us by giving

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the channel if you haven't already

we'll catch you guys in a few days


the future for me


I'm still in this fight I prayed for the

night to go easy on me