How to Fix Verification Required issue when installing Free Apps from the App Store on iPhone /iPad


hi have you ever wanted down load free

apps from App Store on iPhone or iPad

and you faced such issue that you have

to verify your payment information

although it's a free apps you are

required to verify your payment

information the solution to this issue

is quite simple

press the home button to return to the

home screen

go to settings

all down

tab iTunes and App Store

tab on your Apple ID

tab view Apple ID

KUB payment information

make sure to select none in the payment

type if you don't have none option then

read the video description for more

information about this issue

fill out your personal information in

the billing address but in this state

choose Texas

and in the zip code type seven eight

five survey six that's it

tap done


back to the homescreen now open app

store and download the game again

that's all I hope this video was easy to

follow and helpful thanks for watching