Why is the air in my house dry in the middle of winter?

hello my name's Fred Metzler I'm the

owner of Empire Heating & Air

Conditioning located here in Rochester

New York people ask us quite a bit in

the middle of winter

why is my air in the house dry and


well that's because lower the

temperature outside the less humidity

it's able to hold which will transfer

into your home so the more your furnace

runs the more it's going to dry out the

air in your home so then you're gonna

pick up static shocks nosebleeds just

general uncomfort during the colder

months of the year and the cure to this

is a full house humidifier that would be

connected to your existing furnace also

we have them for people with baseboard

hot water heat also but we would

recommend the April air in Honeywell

brands and we've had very good success

with them over the years you know that

we've gotten feedback from our customers

and we've been putting them in since the

day I started in this business which I'm

not going to tell you how long it was

and if you want any more information on

this please refer to our website