the world is getting older how much

older by 2050 the number of people over

65 will triple a new aging attitude

survey of 21 countries by the Pew

Research Center found that Japan is the

most worried about aging 87% of people

think it's a problem that's in contrast

to the US where only 26% of people are

concerned the survey found that the

older the population is predicted to be

the more they're worried about aging

countries also have different takes on

who should care for the old only a few

have a big chunk of people who think

seniors should care for themselves

overall most people think the government

should be responsible but also look at a

place like Pakistan where 77 percent of

folks think it's up to families all this

aging can hurt economies Spain's a good

example in the future there will be more

people younger and older relying on

those of working age the u.s. however

may have an advantage here its

population is growing slower and getting

older but it's still projected to be

younger than major trading partners in

Europe and Asia

that's because America has the most

immigrants of any country they're

bringing higher fertility rates even as

US born women are having less babies

between 1960 and 2005 immigrants and

their descendants accounted for 51

percent of u.s. population growth now

between 2005 and 2050 they'll account

for 82 percent of that growth Pugh says

countries with the biggest chances of

economic boosts maybe those with the

youngest populations among these Nigeria

is well placed by 2050 it's projected to

have a bigger population than the United

States David Botti BBC News Washington