Why Elephants May Go Extinct in Your Lifetime | National Geographic

elephants are in trouble we lose about

100 elephants every day some 30,000

elephants each year to poaching they're

still stores around the world they're

selling ivory trinkets we are looking at

the extinction of a species simply

because we have the sense that it is a

wonderful gift to give or the social

status that this elephant ivory penis

will give you well the survey was a

survey of the five largest consuming

countries so China Philippines Thailand

Vietnam in the United States and most of

the the ivory most of the poached ivory

lines up in either Asia or the u.s. one

of the major ways that we're going to

make a difference is by lessening the

social status of ivory gift-giving you

want to make purchasing ivory and owning

ivory socially unacceptable if we can

begin to alter attitudes about how

people think about ivory that it isn't

the perfect gift that it doesn't impart

happiness or a sense of well-being that

it doesn't indicate social status then

you can begin to suppress that demand

you don't want to buy ivory you think

it's socially unacceptable you then have

a responsibility to tell your friends

that becomes your opportunity to educate

people and explain to them why they

should not buy ivory if something

doesn't happen quickly we could be the

generation that loses elephants