Question to the PM on recognition of warlike service

speaking my question is to the Prime

Minister Prime Minister Ray Williams was

a peacekeeper in Beirut during the Civil

War he was shot at michelle but had no

weapon body armor or support he suffers

PTSD remarkably though Ray has been

fighting for 18 years to have his

service recognized as warlike yes there

is a review into service with the truth

truce supervision organization but it's

been going for years and will likely

outlive the veterans Prime Minister do

you agree everyone injured or wounded in

the ADF wherever they've served should

be given the same high level of support

and will you stop this bureaucratic

nonsense order the unsaved you finalized

and help veterans like Ray Williams the

Prime Minister is the cost of speaker

and I thank the member for his question

and acknowledge his sets in in defense

of our nation mr. speaker the Coalition

is committed to ensuring that veterans

like mr. Williams and future veterans

and their families have all the support

that they need in this year's budget the

government expanded access to free

mental health treatment and support for

Australia's veterans to ensure that

anybody has ever served as a permanent

member of the ADF has access to free

mental health treatment for

post-traumatic stress disorder

depression anxiety alcohol and substance

abuse without having to prove its

service related this assistance the

Honourable member knows can be accessed

by contacting the Department of Veterans

Affairs now the Department of Veterans

Affairs is committed to providing

support to all eligible members and

former members of the ADF who have

medical conditions that are related to

their service in addition medical

treatment for a range of conditions can

be provided irrespective of whether the

condition is in fact related to service

where a member has a very high level of

service related impairment the amount of

compensation they receive will be the

same regardless of whether they were

injured in operational or non

operational circumstances now in 2014

defense commenced a review of the nature

of service classification

ADF service with the aunt so with the

United Nations service that you referred

to earlier 1956 to 2010 now the this

review is continuing to work through its

work the findings are continuing to be

developed and it's a complex process due

to the changing nature of the conflict

during this extensive period of time

which makes it difficult to determine

the right category to describe the

surface this review will however be

completed by the end of this year so in

answer to your question the honorable

members question about when will this

review be complete it will be completed

by the end of this year and I now as to

mr. Williams case I'll ask the minister

for Veterans Affairs to get all of the

details from you he may have them

already and he will follow up that case

I want to reassure the Honourable member

and all veterans that the Department of

Veterans Affairs will continue to look

after them that is our obligation we

take that very seriously as I'm sure all

honorable members do because they

deserve their own department dedicated

to the special needs that come with

being a returned serviceman or woman

they put their lives on the line for us

they put their health at risk for us and

we have to care for them and I can

assure the Honourable member and all

honorable members that the minister is

as committed to this as anyone in this

Parliament and determined to do the

right thing by all of our veterans and

their families