Yankee Stadium crazy-empty at 2:38am after a long rain delay

this is Zack Hampel at Yankee Stadium

June 28th 2016 this baseball game began

on June 27 and as you can see I am the

only fan in right field there are

players on the field you can see behind

me this game is in progress there's

currently an instant replay review at

the moment you can see it on the

jumbotron in the background of course

because it's 2:30 8 a.m. at the moment

and why not just make this game last a

little bit longer

there was an insane rain delay that just

went on for hours and hours and I've

never seen a major league stadium this

empty in my life I've been to almost

1400 games and this is crazy I mean

there are there are a few dozen fans

still remaining but they're mostly

clustered around the dugout so I mean if

anybody goes yard right now and hits one

out to right field it's mine and Dee

Dee's up so I just gotta get myself into


I'm gonna turn off the camera for right

now and hope to catch a homerun I love

this this is the most fun I think I've

ever had

at a baseball game check this out


this doesn't even seem like real life

right now

Wow alright bye for now