10 Incredible Facts about the Yangtze River // Along the Yangtze Day 10

we're in Ching hai province and almost

exactly a thousand kilometers east of us

at the peak of the Gullah dam dong

mountain is the source of the Yankee's

this is the beginning of a new journey

for us around Western China but it also

marks the end of my journey along the

Yangtze if you haven't seen my other

nine videos you can start with the first

one clicking the link above here but in

this final video I'm going to blow your

mind with ten facts about the Yankees

well now it's all about an execution

high on budget home district Reposado

number one it feeds China the river

gates more than a third of China's

agricultural output and produces 30% of

its cotton 25% of its rice 40% of the

nation's grain and 48% of its freshwater

fish comes from the waters of geography

number 2 the Yangtze River Delta

produces about 20 percent of China's GDP

number 3 almost a third of China's

population lives within the Yankee's

watershed that's around 400 million

people or almost 6 percent of the

world's population number 4 the Yangtze

River has been the origin of more cities

than any other river in the world number

5 the first bridge the Wuhan Yangtze

River Bridge was built in 1957 before

that the only way across was by boat

number 6 the Yangtze is the world's

busiest inland waterway cargo

transportation reached 795 million tons

in 2005 traffic levels are growing at a

rate of more than 25 percent a year

number seven in the Three Gorges Area

the world's largest dam has helped to

make the river up to 200 metres deep

making it the second deepest river in

the world

number eight about 40% of all wastewater

produced in China about 25 billion tons

flows into the Yangtze it's in danger of

becoming a Dead River which means

aquatic life wouldn't be able to live in

it and it wouldn't be able to be treated

to become drinking water

according to a Dutch Environmental

Research Foundation the Yangtze produces

the majority of the world's ocean

pollution number 9 it releases 8 million

gallons of water into the East China Sea

every second number 10 416 fish species

live in the Yangtze making it one of the

most species-rich rivers in Asia but the

numbers are reducing drastically 65

species are considered threatened and

four species have already become extinct

on the endangered list is the Chinese

paddlefish which is one of the longest


in the world growing up to seven meters

in length however the last time someone

saw one was in 2007 so it may already be


so that's it for my travels along the

Yangtze I hope you guys enjoyed it hope

you watch them all and you learned a

little bit about China I certainly did

please pass them is a really informative

I've learned a lot about the country and

school some great include saw some

beautiful things and I'm really excited

for the next 40 days Sarah and I are

going to be travelling western China

we're starting in Shanghai area working

our way over to again su province and

then back to Sichuan it's one of the

more beautiful places in all of China so

stay tuned for that

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