The Story Behind WWF Panda Logo

Hades is elven


WWF has one of the most recognized

movements in the world a giant panda the

formal type of the Panda name chichi or

in Chinese name Gigi she was first found

and captured in Bali kunti's tribe and

that's where the name come from

she was later sent to Beijing two at a

time the leader of Soviet Union visit to

China Chinese government decided to pick

up a pen as a diplomatic gift a male

panda peeping in the female panda

chichi both painters were later sent to

Moscow zoo of course local people expect

to have no panda cubs the average

breeding age is five years all four

giant panda they were too young to have

a babies what comes worst they stink

boss hinders of male so Chinese

government replaced Chi Chi with another

painter and they brought chichi back to

Beijing to and st. and to Moscow in 1958

an astral animal merchant penny de Mer

he came with a mission he made an

agreement with Chicago - that he will be

paid $25,000 if he bring a giant enough

back to States so what'd he do he

brought a group of African animals so he

came with Street giraffe to hippos to

deliver us so he walk into the zoo and

there was repainted there he decided to

pick the youngest of

Jiji why he didn't know after he got a

panda he cannot bring it to America

under the Cold War

u.s. extend the embargo to a giant

window so chichi wasn't allowed to enter

US soil he was considered as a real

communist panda so there's no way for

chichi to go Zimmer has to just find a

new home for chichi he brought it into

burning Copenhagen and London at the

time the Berlin wall still there so

first a visit the East Germany and then

West Germany it took a lot of paperwork

for teach you to across the bearing wall

she was a charm everywhere she goes and

she received a lot of attention from the

public and the local media in the end

she arrived London Zoo the original plan

was to stay there three weeks but it was

impossible to keep a rabid animal

wandering around Europe so London Zoo

had to discuss with Chicago too in the

end both countries decided to make a

joint investment to pay a commission

12,000 pounds to Zimmer

so she can't promise to sustain in

London Zoo

the duo lodges didn't know so much about

panda so when she first arrived they

gave a lot treats too chichi chichi

actually get sweet potatoes chocolate

and tea in spring church's fur gets

really beautiful shiny her behavior

change the zoo new is a time to find a

groom is difficult to find a male panda

outside China there was only one in

North Korea and Russia so and the panda

in Moscow Zoo came to the first choice

during the Cold War

it's difficult to shoot any goods from

London to Moscow a lot of communication

between a higher-up official a lot of

paper works and it was a big deal at the

time in 1966 the news of chichi trip to

Moscow spread widely it was a heron news

at the time should you took a passenger

plane to me I had in Moscow there were

so many reporters local media within a

Moscow Airport the reporter were watch

AV move of chichi and looking for a sign

maybe they like each other they will

have made all have babies the point date

didn't go so well

the boy liked a girl but she she didn't

like the boy at all she barked at him in

the end they sent chichi home to

the two largest try again in this time

they stink and to London Zoo after the

post pandas spent nine months together

it didn't work out so well didn't like

each other so they have this pretenders

game people will actually believe maybe

chichi think herself as a human because

she spent so much time with human beings

she didn't know herself as a panda so

they actually put me in her pain Sochi

she can observe and see the difference

during she stay in London one of WWF

founding members visit her and getting

an idea to draw a draft should she pass

away in 1972 media and people across

Britain long for her death because she

brought so much joy to London people the

Rayner study her remains pathologist

dissect her body better we learned so

much giant pandas from her wildest thing

we're learning so we knew we know pandas

characteristic colors after we starting

in her eyes specimen makers keep her

bones and her skin and Metis basement of

her the visitors can see her sitting on

the ground of the nose hole in nature

Museum London as a chichi is prohibited

to train a giant

she was actually the last one to train

so if you haven't visited London make

sure visit chichi and should museum

should she tell us so much about giant

panda and perhaps she's the most

recognized and well-known panda in the

world the local thanks for the local so

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