why life is unfair to some people in the world and how to address it ?

there are various levels of life

happening on the planet in London City

there are richest people living in

highest levels of pleasure and comfort

there are people who are living the

worst possible life within this city yes

or no you don't have to go all over the

world to see that right here so if we

create a society where there is such

disparity I'm asking both you and me

I'll be responsible for this no no will

come will come a just answer though I am

asking the question now are we

maybe we can't change it tomorrow

morning I know that but are we if we see

we are we will start working towards the

solution otherwise we'll try to make a

living out of problems a whole lot of

people in this world have invested so

much in the problems they are only

making a living out of problems evolving

philosophies of problems the only thing

that matters is a solution isn't it not

in how many ways we glorify the problem

the only and only thing that matters

when there is suffering for a human

being is a solution yes or no whether it

comes from up down whichever way the

hell it comes who cares whether it comes

from heaven or hell we don't care when

somebody is in some state of suffering

the only thing that matters is a


so if solutions have to happen who

created the problems you can say it's

this guy or this person or that person

no no we as human beings have bred

problems isn't it when I have a glass of

water I am not willing to share it with

the person sitting next to me

why do you expect a man who has a

billion dollars to share it with

somebody I'm asking hello

and you are not willing to share the

little things that you have you have a

philosophy why are the rich people not

sharing it with the poor people they

will not because your argument is but I

don't have enough but even they don't

have enough they may have 100 billion

dollars but they don't have enough

that's what you need to understand this

is the nature of human being you may

think they have too much but they don't

have enough as you don't have enough

nobody has enough in this world yes or

no only thing is just this that's why I

told you your service sacrifice

selflessness all these things these are

all con jobs that's why I told you at

least what is the worst in you your

greed expand your greed towards

everybody's well-being we can work

towards it with all the problems go away

tomorrow morning no we can only work

towards it isn't it if all of us work

towards it will it go away

hello if everyone of us really strive

towards it will it go away yes it will

isn't it relate or will it not usual but

till now the problem has always been

about how to get all the human beings on

one page there are different nations

there are different races they are

different religions skin color this

nonsense that nonsense every kind all

right for the first time for the very

first time in the history of humanity

two things have happened

one thing is our survival is better

organized than ever before there is

enough resource technology for every

problem we have a solution at hand and

for the first time we can sit here in

this room and speak to the entire world

never before this was possible see many

people have come he mentioned names Rama

Krishna Buddha Jesus this one that one


to people when they spoke hardly ten

people heard yes or no this is the first

time you can sit here and speak to the

entire world when such a privilege is

there is it not your and my

responsibility to say the right things

right things to put all human being

beings on one page hello

if we do this because never before this

was possible now it is possible as a

generation will we make it possible or

we just a wine generation pointing

fingers at each other and we will die

like this this is the choice we have

this is the reason why I am going from

university to university though I

avoided every damn University when I was

your age now I am going to university to

university because this is an

opportunity which is for the first time

in the history of humanity that if we

want to change something we can because

we have the resource we have the

technology we have the capability and we

can share this with the entire world

never this was possible please let's

make it happen