How to Fix iPhone won't connect to WiFi (Not connecting or Slow)

today I'll show you how to fix your

iPhone not connect it to a Wi-Fi network

with a simple step-by-step guide what

are the causes of why fat problems on

your iPhone or iPad there are many

different things that can cause Wi-Fi

connection problems there are some

simple ones such as enabled airplane

mode or the fact that your iPhone or

iPad is too far away from the Wi-Fi

router the signal can be poor at times

which is why a connection can be slow

the software part can also be one of

their reasons as well as issues with

your network devices such as modem or

router or also the antenna fix number

one turn your Wi-Fi off and back on if

your iPad won't connect to a Wi-Fi

network or if it does connect but the

connection drops start with some simple

things if you haven't tried already turn

Wi-Fi off and back on you can slip on

the button up the edge of the screen and

open the control center tap on the Wi-Fi

I can turn it off wait for a couple

seconds and turn it back on fix number

two turn bluetooth off Bluetooth can be

one of the reasons why your iPhone once

they could make it to a Wi-Fi network or

won't connect at all because the

Bluetooth can cause interference with

Wi-Fi connections that is why you should

turn it off and see if it will make any


you can either swipe up from the bottom

edge of the control center or you can go

to settings and turn bluetooth off

number 3 toggle airplane mode when we

discuss some of the reasons where your

iPhone or iPhone will connect to Wi-Fi

we mentioned the airplane mode if it's

turned on that's the reason why you

won't connect to Wi-Fi as soon you turn

it off the problem should be fixed also

talking the airplane mode can be pretty

effective and it can help you fix the

problem to do that go to settings and

turn on the airplane mode wait 30

seconds and turn it back off now try to

connect to a Wi-Fi network again restart

your iPhone or iPad a research can be

very effective solution if you ask owner

iPad won't connect to a Wi-Fi network

press and hold the sleep and wait button

and drag too slight to power off to turn

the iPhone off once you device it's off

press and hold the power button to turn

it back on restart your modem or router

if your eyes when our iPad can connect

to Wi-Fi at home but successfully

connect to other networks it's advisable

to reset your modem and router unplug

them wait for about 30 seconds and turn

them back on wait for a minute or two

and try to connect to the Wi-Fi

we've had many comments saying that

myosin is not connecting to wife at home

but it connected everywhere else if you

have the same problem just reboot your

network and everything should be all

right turn off location services for

Wi-Fi networking many users have said

the turning off location services for

wife networking have solved their

problem to do that navigate to settings

and tap on privacy next tap to location

services tap system services and turn

off Wi-Fi networking are you still

experiencing issues then next step would

be to forget the Wi-Fi network to do

that go to settings tap on Wi-Fi tap on

the info button next to the network tap

on forget this network and then tap

forget to confirm your action once you

forget the network go back to Wi-Fi and

choose a network and enter the password

change the DNS settings you can fix the

problem by change your DNS settings you

can use the Google DNS or go to settings and tap Wi-Fi

find your network and tap on the info

button right next to the network you'll

see the DNS tap on the numbers the

keyword will appear and once it does

enter the neo DNS addresses mentioned

above reset network settings if you

tried the above-mentioned solutions but

your iPhone and iPad won't stay

connected to the wife's network I won't

connect at all going first option can do

the trick this will reset all Unit four

connection options Wi-Fi and cellular

settings save networks and passwords and

also that VPN and APM settings navigate

to settings tap general and next tap

reset tap reset network settings enter

the passcode of fast

tap reset network settings to confirm

your action updated software first make

sure that you have the latest version of

iTunes installed and follow these steps

connect your iPhone to your computer

launch itunes and select your iPhone

next click summary click check for

update if there's new version 5 is

available click download and install or

click update still it working sorry to

tell you but if you've tried all of the

above steps and nothing works your only

choice to go to an Apple Store and book

an appointment with the technician if

you have any question feel free to ask

me in the comments I'll get back to you

as soon as I can

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