Why is The White House ... White ?

the White House is the official

residence and workplace of the President

of the United States located in

Washington DC but why it is named like

that there is a common myth that the

White House was originally painted white

to hide the fire damage caused during

the burning of Washington during the war

of 1812

white paint has nothing to do with

covering the burning of the house by the

British in 1814 it is named like that

because it is a building a house and

it's painted white seriously that's it

the building was first made white which

lime paste whitewash in 1798 when its

walls were finished simply as the means

of protecting the porous stone from

freezing it was a commonly used nickname

people speaking about the building as

the White House simple and easy to

remember because it's white that was the

nickname until 1901 who until the

Roosevelt made it official name of the