The Wet Brush Worth The Hype? | Review + Demo

hello my beautiful friends it's a man

day year and I was not planning on

filming this video but a box from

Influenster showed up on my doorstep

this afternoon and it had a bunch of

products from Kohl's

if you don't know what Influenster is

it's a site where you can sign up and

they send you free samples and you just

have to review the stuff that they send

you I'll leave a link in the description

box if you're interested in trying it

out you can sign up it's totally free

you just have to agree to review the

stuff they sent with that being said

this video is not sponsored by

Influenster or anyone for that matter I

am just making this video because I

think it'll be interesting so this is my

first impression of the wet brush I have

never heard of this product before today

when I opened my Influenster box and I

saw this I got curious so I looked it up

online it has insanely good reviews on

Amazon it claims to be quote the most

amazing detangling brush you'll ever use

that's a bold claim so I am ready to be

amazed if you've watched any of my other

videos you'll notice that you typically

don't really see a lot of my hair it's

always pulled back either we're in a

ponytail or a bun pretty much all the

time I'll take it down so you can see it

so here you can see it is very long in

the front part of my hair I have

actually what I think are nice kind of

soft waves but in the back this is where

the trouble begins in the back kind of

like the crown of my head and the back I

have just really coarse hair and I don't

know if you can tell but I have a very

very strong curl pattern so I get these

like clumps of hair I get these really

thick locks I know it's hard to tell on

camera I feel like I have two different

heads of hair basically because the

front is really soft and really easy to

blow-dry and straighten and the back is

just really impossible to work with can

you tell how it's like twisted it just

goes like that

I don't twist it it just grows that way

so it's really frustrating it's really

tingly it's really dry

I've tried tons of products I've tried

leave-in conditioners and oils and just

you name it I've tried it and it's so

frustrating because I feel like styling

it even just combing it out is it's a


I know it's firstworldproblems but

that's why you never seen me do anything

with my hair because I have these crazy

big tangled locks in the back so of

course I've tried tons of detanglers and

when I hear these claims I'm super

skeptical because I think there's no way

that a brush can battle this hot mess

Express there's no way this brush

retails for ten dollars or less I think

it's around 850 on Amazon you can also

find it at Kohl's you can find it tons

of places I don't know why I've never

heard of it if it's a miracle brush but

we're gonna find out today I'm gonna

read to you what it says on the back

brush out tangles easily with no pulling

tugging or pain yeah right thin and

strong yet flexible our intellicus

bristles glide through hair effortlessly

combined with our ultra soft poly tips

soft tips trademark the adaptive

flexibility of our intellicus bristles

help protect the hair are ideal for

sensitive scalps and provide a massaging

action ok the result is healthier hair

with no tangles no split ends and less

breakage okay wet brush see what you can

do it comes in a bunch of different

colors and there even some with cool

designs I was looking on their website

and they do have some pretty cool

looking brushes so even if it doesn't

turn out to be a miracle brush maybe go

and check it out

feels pretty lightweight some of the

reviews on Amazon said that I had a

really strong chemical smell I mean it

kind of smells plasticky to me but not

really anything too bad I mean it's a

big hunk of plastic so what do you

expect the instructions say to start at

the ends

the hair and start brushing and working

your way up and then once it's all

detangled comb through all of your hair

to D frizz so let's try it out and see

oh wow okay it is going through those

clumps of hair like let me find one and

we'll brush it specifically see how this

is just like clump together I mean it's

actually working pretty well I got a lot

of hair guys it's just why I don't brush

my hair this is why I always comb it

because look how frizzy it is it's

growing in size I never could have put

my fingers through my hair before oh wow

so you can see all of those big clumps

like those locks of hair are definitely

gone my hair still super curly and super

frizzy but like I said I have coarse

hair and I have a very strong curl

pattern so I mean I don't expect a brush

to solve that you just saw me open the

package this was my first time using

this brush do I think it is a miracle

life-changing magic detangling brush no

not really the first couple of passes

through my hair it was pulling a little

bit but I don't know if it really came

across on camera but those like thick

chunks those thick curls of hair those

things are super intense so all in all I

am really impressed with the performance

of this it was not a lot of work it was

definitely a lot easier than

my normal just combing out routine I do

think this is a good brush it's

definitely worth the 10 bucks I don't

think that you know it's a magic brush

or anything but it's a good brush I

would love to hear your experience if

you've tried the wet brush or if you've

tried any other miracle hair products

leave a comment and let us know what

your hair type is what your experience

was I always love to hear your thoughts

and your experiences as well that's it

for today thank you so much for watching

and I'll see you in my next video bye

thanks looking rough

in my defense it is late okay this video

is not sponsored by influencer

influencer what there's a string stuck

to my boob way to make it awkward we'll

see so I'm gonna have to keep using this

I'll definitely still I'll definitely

use it it was better than I thought it

was gonna be what do you guys think

should I chop my hair off I've been

thinking about cutting it but my husband

always reminds me when I tell him I want

to cut my hair off he's like but you

hate styling it and if you cut it short

then you have to style it and if you

have it long you can just put it in a

ponytail straight to you like a hair

flip put it in slow motion


that's so ridiculous so ridiculous okay

it's late

that's enough to set I'm gonna go put my

hair back in a ponytail now