Around Kansas - All About Meadowlarks , State Bird of Kansas - May 10, 2017

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here we are again and our nature day is

that we are educational programming you

know we had Evie Green last week who

used to be part of the outdoor education

environmental stuff and figure which was

a wonderful program and of course they

cut school funding so they cut that

wonderful program and if you read the

story that she did and chicken suit for

the teachers so you'll you'll hear a

very heartwarming story of how important

that program is that we don't have

anymore so we're trying to fill the void

people here we are at around Kansas

trying to give you especially you city

folks who don't get out much we're

giving you all the nature education you

can stand today yeah oh my you know I

gotta tell the next songs about birds

but anyway and I didn't you know it's

things remind me of songs because songs

have just been apart my life all my life

and my grandmother's most favorite song

was Mockingbird Hill by Les Paul and

Mary Ford is when we would come to visit

she had a record player and she would

always play Mockingbird Here I am at

that when you tune into wrin radio Rand

radios net occasionally you will hear me

play that song Mockingbird Hill now that

has nothing to do with the next story

which is about meadowlarks but mara

watts have a really pretty song yes to

do and apparently a large repertoire of

songs who knew birds had repertoire who

know they played more than one song did

you know that before this yeah well you

know I thought blackbirds you squat

right but the other day looked up in the

tree and there were some black bears

because I had heard the song and I

looked up and it was blackbirds and I

thought really I'd always heard him just

squat right but one was actually singing

oh yeah I can't imitate it but it really

was surprising

when you pay attention at night sir the

things you learn yeah when you pay

attention to around Kansas the western

meadowlark was designated the official

state bird of Kansas in 1937 a familiar

songbird of open country across the

western two-thirds of the continent the

Meadowlark is in the same family as

blackbirds and Orioles and oats have a

black and white striped head long

pointed bill yellow cheeks bright yellow

throat and a distinctive black V on the

breast the Western Meadowlark is often

seen perched on fence posts in

grasslands and agricultural areas

singing its distinct seven note melody

their food white song usually ends with

three descending notes male Western

meadowlarks have a complex two-phase

primary song that begins one to six

fewer whistles and descends into a

series of one to five gurgling warbles

males develop a repertoire of up to a

dozen songs and they switch the songs

they sing in response to an intruder

when chasing compete competing males or

responsive females male Western

meadowlarks give a hurried excited

flight song of short space whistles and


although western meadowlark seldom sing

more than 10 to 12 songs their Eastern

counterparts exhibit a much larger

repertoire of 50 to 100 song variations

Western meadowlarks forage on the ground

and beneath soil for insects grain and

weed seeds it's estimated that at least

65 to 70 percent of their diet consists

of beetles cutworms caterpillars

grasshoppers fighters Sall bugs and

snails they also nest on the ground

constructing a cup of dried grasses and

bark this nest may be open or have a

partial or full grass roof or even a

grass entry tunnel several feet long

western meadowlark predators include

hawks crows skunks coyotes raccoons and

weasels Western meadowlarks are still

abundant but declining throughout their

they are protected non-game species well

we got to go again and I'm Frank's idea

and we'll see you somewhere around

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