Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?


marriage matrimony wedlock that thing

that Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears

did that time for hot second so we've

all seen a lot of bizarre marriages but

one thing that has been pretty

consistent is the wedding ring going on

the left finger but the question remains

why why does the wedding ring go on our

left finger hi I'm Lauren Levinson and

we are here today to go over why we wear

our wedding rings on our left finger so

Lauren why I'm going to start by putting

my hands in a prayer position and

folding my middle fingers in if we were

in China this is why our thumbs

represent our parents our second fingers

represent our siblings our pinkie


represent our children and our fingers

that are pulled in represent us you can

separate all those fingers but you can't

separate the ring finger and it's

supposed to intertwine us and our

betrothed that would be why we'd wear

our wedding rings on our left finger if

we were in China

in ancient Egypt there was a papyrus

found that had woven bamboo on to

mummies that they found and supposedly

this was supposed to intertwine the

souls on to the next destination for a

married couple and it had nothing to do

with the ring itself

it was the circle in which the ring

formed that was supposed to transport

them into the unknown when you get

married in the Christian faith and this

goes back to the Roman times that they

would count on your fingers before

putting your ring on the Father the Son

the Holy Ghost amen that's where the

ring went if we were in Israel it is the

seventh day of creation so they choose

to do the right pointer finger as the

marital finger

in Germany and Vienna today still the

right finger if you are in Vienna single

ladies and you see a really hot guy and

you're like checking out his left hand

he has nothing on it

better check his right okay Lauren hey

cover them all in my opinion then show

me how Lauren show me some ring bling

this is called an eternity ring all the

gems match they're the same color and

clarity and they just go all the way

around the ring and then you have the

simplest of the simple this is a ring

that a lot of people need to get married

in it's an endless ring it's it

represents a relationship that will have

no brakes

it's endless it's timeless if you're

Jewish you need to get married in a ring

like this some people don't go to the

traditional route they go to colored

stones I mean look at Princess Diana

look at Duchess Kate she they had

sapphires so any stone that's in the

crowns the crown jewels emeralds rubies

sapphires those are all gemstones that

are acceptable for an engagement ring if

someone's coming to me and saying which

finger should I put this on I'm just

glad that they found someone that they

want to put a ring on a finger I mean

there's that Beyonce song put a ring on

it she doesn't say put a ring on your

left or put a ring on your right she

just put her ring on it so going on