There Is Something Weird Going On In The World Right Now…

we are currently going through some

tough times with a new disease spreading

throughout the world and the economy

seemingly going through its worst period

since the Great Depression but there

have been a few strange things that have

been going on in the background of all

of this chaos that is because as we have

seen throughout history strange things

tend to happen during desperate times

for example after World War 2 tensions

were high between the United States and

the Soviet Union as both superpowers

began jockeying for position to see who

would become the world's one true

superpower and this potential threat of

a war caused some of the greatest

technological advancements in history

you see both the USSR and the United

States had ballistic missiles that would

launch stay within the Earth's

atmosphere and then eventually hit their

target from a few hundred kilometers

away but the distance between Moscow and

Washington DC was seven thousand eight

hundred kilometers so if these

superpowers wanted to be able to hit

each other with a missile strike they

would need a new piece of technology so

that is when the USSR developed the

first intercontinental ballistic missile

or ICBM in 1957 it was the first missile

capable of entering sub orbital space

and hitting a target on the other side

of the planet but almost by accident the

USSR had developed something else in an

effort to ensure the safety of its

country the Soviets developed ICBMs and

inadvertently built the technology that

connected human civilization to space

within months after the first ICBM test

in 1957 the USSR used the same ICBM to

launch the first satellite into space

that they called Sputnik now today we

view Sputnik as a technological

masterpiece but during its time it was

viewed as one of the scariest things in

the history of the Western world in fact

after the Soviets launched Sputnik it

created a worldwide panic called the

Sputnik crisis this is when the public

experienced a lot of fear and anxiety

over the technological gap between the

West and the USSR you see the United

States viewed Sputnik as a serious

threat to national security so President

Eisenhower said that the United States

will respond

with resourcefulness and vigor and

because of this the president was able

to get enough public support to create

two agencies NASA and DARPA he was also

able to dramatically increase spending

on education and research and

development of new technologies and over

the course of the next decade the USSR

and the United States would keep trying

to one-up each other this would

eventually be known as the space race

and the space race led to innovations

that would reshape our entire world

for example DARPA created the Internet

has a way of sending information from

one point to another in a safe and

secure manner during the Cold War

another innovation was that computers

became significantly more advanced

during this time because the on-the-fly

calculations needed to put a spaceship

onto the moon were much greater than

what humans could handle into the space

race and cold war ended up creating

other spin-off technologies like GPS

cat-scans athletic shoes water

purification artificial limbs and much


so a perceived national security threat

in the 1950s from both the USSR and the

United States ended up catalyzing the

creation of new technologies that would

create a better world for the future and

that might be one of the things that we

are seeing today even though it might be

happening in the background

for example vaccines normally take about

four years to develop from the time that

scientists start experimenting with new

vaccine ideas to the time where the

vaccine is actually approved for the

public use but at this time it seems to

be a little bit different the entire

world views this new virus as a serious

threat just like how most people in the

world felt during the Cold War so

because of this more funding and public

support is now going towards

biotechnology research in hopes of

neutralizing this new threat and here's

what we are seeing so far well

throughout history vaccines have worked

by injecting weakened or killed versions

of a virus into the person getting the

vaccine but that process takes a long

time and then it was just going to take

too long this time around so around the

world researchers have begun

experimenting with new ways to create

vaccines that might be 5 10 or even 20

times faster than they have ever

before one of these methods that is

shown promise is RNA vaccination it

works by injecting RNA into the cells in

your body which will then produce

proteins that are identical to the

pathogen that you want to protect

yourself from and even though there have

been no RNA vaccines approved for

medical use yet we might see the

approval of a vaccine occur over the

next several months rather than the next

several years and that got me thinking

that this new vaccine technology might

be something we look back on in a few

decades and view it as an amazing thing

that came out of this global threat

another piece of technology that has

emerged during this pandemic is that of

medical AI you see the Canadian company

blue dot actually identified there was a

cluster of unusual pneumonia cases

happening in China nine days before it

was identified by the World Health

Organization this means that for the

first time in human history

an AI was able to spot an outbreak of a

disease before humans even knew about it

and if AI systems like this keep

advancing we might be able to spot

patient zero of a new disease almost

immediately and prevent future outbreaks

from ever occurring and AI has also

begun to play a role in diagnosing new

patients at near lightning speed

Alibaba claims that it's AI diagnostic

system has been able to accurately

detect viruses using chest scans with

90% or more accuracy and this diagnosis

only takes the system roughly 15 seconds

to complete meanwhile on average it

takes about 15 minutes for a human to

make the same diagnosis so right now it

is possible that we are witnessing AI

take its first big leap into

biotechnology on a global scale

but there is also something else that is

a little strange that I see going on has

anyone else noticed how much

geopolitical tensions have lowered

recently I mean if you were told at this

time last year that China would be

trying to lead global humanitarian

efforts and that the United States would

be assisting North Korea and Iran in any

sort of fashion you would have probably

thought the world was ending but this is

what happens when even longtime

adversaries have a common new threat and

stories like this have occurred

throughout history warning

example is that during the thick of

World War one there was a battle taking

place between the Germans and the

Russians in 1917 Lithuania but over the

course of several days large packs of

wolves began attacking nearby villages

and then eventually they showed up on to

the front lines of the battlefield and

once they showed up the Wolves began

ferociously attacking the injured which

caused the Russians and Germans to call

for a temporary ceasefire so that they

could hunt down the Wolves together

during the ceasefire the Russians and

Germans were side by side hunting down

about 50 wolves in total and chasing

even more off of the battlefield the

moral of the story is that when there is

a common foe people tend to ignore the

differences that they have with one

another just to try their best to help

each other survive and this is a perfect

example of why every president

throughout history has always had their

highest approval ratings during or

immediately after a negative global

event for example Trump's highest

approval rating is well right now

Obama's took place during the Great

Recession George Bush's was right after

9/11 and Harry Truman and Franklin

Roosevelt's were during World War two

the point that I'm trying to make here

is that during times of crisis people

tend to come together I mean right now

we are seeing Republicans and Democrats

work together to create a two trillion

dollar stimulus package that is centered

around universal basic income and

doesn't raise any taxes both sides would

have thought that this was crazy just

eight weeks ago but now everyone has put

their differences aside in order to try

to help out the American people even if

it is only a temporary agreement you see

sometimes good things can come out of

bad times even if it is really tough to

see right now we might look back on this

period of time in well 30 years or so as

a time where the world came together

innovated and solved the crisis together

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