Siesta Show #5 - The weather in Spain was awful today

hello and welcome to the cs to show from

sunny Spain okay we're going to keep it

brief today we did want to go out

somewhere but I think in this weather

it's not a good idea we hope that you've

enjoyed what we've done this week we've

certainly enjoys making it we've got

lots planned for next week I think

Justin or tell us a bit about that well

we're going foot well we have been a bus

tonight so we're going to put that in

there that's going to go out on Monday

so we're going to record that and then

on Tuesday we've got friend of yours in

Lisa yeah got Lisa vin on Tuesday she's

going to be talking about the the

alphabet getting back to basics with

learn Spanish and Wednesday were

supposed to be going to see a mammal

Easter and so hopefully that song and

then on Thursday we're really excited to

have our first ever iron Spain member

hello hello Joe heads coming on Thursday

internship yeah that's Helen Friday

where I think we're off to a local

village on friday so hopefully we'll

have nice weather for that he can get

across let's play discusses of Advantix

week but um anyway so we're off out

tonight like we said before even if it's

raining off to eat tapas someone's gotta

do it for you and and have a good

weekend have a great day hopefully

hopefully you've enjoyed the show this

week we've had quite a lot of fun making

em away yeah so it's been really good so

have a good weekend sanity

good afternoon and welcome to the siesta

shower wafer and I just can't get it

operates rubbish hello and welcome to

the cs to show as you can see it's windy

rainy wet today we're going to go

somewhere nice but it just ain't

happenin I think Justin's got something

to say to you all now we wanted to do

good afternoon from sunny Spain crepe

that you've enjoyed this week we've

certainly enjoyed making the very things

that again ah that was too short