Weather map goes crazy live on the air

we'll bring you on into the temps and

we're all doing okay Wow 750 degrees in

Gila bin right now and 1,270 in

Ahwatukee now I'm not authorized to

evacuate Ahwatukee but this temperature

seems pretty high Cave Creek is real

yeah Kade Creek fountain Hills they

don't look good either and frankly

Wickenburg is a total loss you might as

well just get out of anywhere along the

60 years very warm surprise is starting

to heat up as well at 1300 degrees so

again the safe spots seem to be Chandler

and Mesa Scottsdale is doing okay so far

but you know you're sort of surrounded

by some pretty intense heat so you know

again I'm not your dad but I would get

out while you still can

I think steel boils at about this

temperature so Cave Creek there's

probably nothing left up there right now

so don't even bother looting up there

it's not going to be worth it