How to adjust & measure home water pressure

You might want to check your water pressure because

you moved into a new house and you notice it's either

too high or it's too low and

you can get one of these to check it. This is Rainbird brand

It's just a gauge you can hook up to your

outside faucet if this uses the same water

that your house plumbing uses.

Sometimes as a secondary water system

Some neighborhoods and communities have

and that wouldn't be

Something you can check your inside house pressure with.

but I don't have the secondary system here.

It's all hooked up to the same line coming from the city.

This pressure gauge has a

connection on it that fits perfectly on your

hose threads. So we'll put that on.

Now that it's on real tight

I'll turn on the water and we'll see that

this is going to about just over 50psi.

For some reason kind of fluctuates

when you do that but it's pretty accurate. Now that's pretty low

Usually you want be no more than about 85 PSI

You can check your local building codes and see what it is.

at your area but generally 80/85 is about the high range in where you wanna be

and you could go lower if you don't mind less water pressure in your house.

It's not really going to affect too much.

and it might save you a bit a money like when my kids

leave the hose running all day long and I don't notice it well

if it's at 50 PSI

and not 80 then my water bills is going to be less.

Some gauges; let me zoom in on the gauge here...

This gauge costs under

$10 bucks. I think it was around $7.50. That included shipping [bought it online]

and a little bit higher end ones will have another

Armani the red one to Julie smaller

and what that will do is measure the high and off the water pressure

on times water pressure can fluctuate are

at different times of the day and it night maybe what most people are using

water in your area you're going to get more pressure sometimes that happens

and so if you leave this on in this

goes up and down well what by the time you check it again

wherever that red line is that was your Mac's

water pressure a for the period that you left it

so anyway you can hook this up here now let's see did have a secondary

from water system in this is not going to help you to hook it up to your host


can also hook it up to your water heater all take this off

and you can see how that's done just

alright at the base your water heater I have to

here I hopefully you see this

pool stay get and

all other times water heaters collect a point to credit the fall of

but I don't wanna push into my cage so

you know on do this a little water out here as

tile let's see if we can Sears here

in st. it is see that

scanner brown murky there's little

gravelly bits phone and their something a little better this out

I'll sis yeah it's pretty girls

costs Kell

alright that's looking clear enough k so

put on the gauge her and outside was about 55

see how inside

its bit less that's kinda normal this is about 45

so it's not rare to have it not be

the same

insiders is on the outside or

commuters skimpy that also

how close you are to the main helpful affect

the pressure but generally gives you an idea

alright hopefully can find

something that looks like this on their property I'm in now

my cold storage here and this is a concrete wall were below ground

and right here is the water coming in from the city line

an Asus copper pipe come to the wall

and splits of this line goes to this

piece here which is called a perv or pressure

are reducing valve and turning

for the pressure gets capped a certain level

and then goes up in splits often does all the pipes and

things in a goes over different facets in the house this branch goes up to run

the sprinkler line

and this is the train for I got in the water out

up to sprinkle on this doesn't matter but this does not do the holes the hose

comes off

I in my house on this line so

then this is one that's regulated and this is what religious to your water


and right here there's of

screw you can insert here flat I'll

screwdriver there and undo the Volt's ovary

you need a a a wrench and screwdriver to adjust this

okay this says

size three quarter inch said it 50 PSI

that actually accurate and the range here says it can go up to 75% PSA

so let's

increase the surface like just a little bit more

water pressure so to do that

you undo this now I

and hold it in place no

counterclockwise on and I still go all the way just a bit

and releasing have will

allow you to spin this now spinning this

clockwise increases the water pressure in counterclockwise decreases it

um and

you might want to count the amount it turns just see have a reference

of how much you did so

a I don't know first thing with all models book

with this type spinning it counter

clockwise increases so we're going to that of one turn

switzer severe


two turns

and for Cisco check and see what that did

how much to turns will adjust the water pressure

except but

okay that bomb to right up to 60

and I'll try that out my house

see how I like the pressure and for wanna put up a little bit more I can


pump her that reducing valve

will go up to 75% and

so hopefully this videos helped if you have any questions go ahead and put them

in a comment

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