A Guide to drinking Fountains in Rome (Nasoni) | Walks of Italy

ciao I'm Simona and this is lots of

Italy since antiquity Rome is known as

let Audrina the laptop the queen of

water a good reason think of all of the

great Africa the many fountains the vast

houses throughout the city and get to

hear nothing has changed if you stroll

around the city of Rome today in fact

you'll encounter thousands of fountains

loads of decorational purposes and to

give a drinkable water it's so important

to us that there is even an app you can

download before coming to Rome that

gives you a map with all of the potable

water fountains

so let's go find


and here we are in one of the most

iconic squares of wrong we are by the

Spanish Steps behind me la barqueta

literally the fountain is called the

Abuelita it looks like a marble sunken

balls it was designed in the 17th

century by the Bernini and yet that's

portable water let's fill up our bottle


let's use our nests only out fuzzy

fountain that's going to be our next


here we are at the Trevi Fountain this

gorgeous class I'm sure you'll come and

pay a visit here to talk to coins but

the water behind me it's no potable

water although if you're thirsty and you

don't want to spend two euros on a

bottle of water around here through the

spout of clean potable water on the

steps of the fountain

if you want to find out whether the

water is good to drink simply use your

common sense

if the water spout is reachable then

fill up your bottle well in front of

another very famous monument of Rome the

Colosseum we have more fountains to

check out so let's go

we are indeed according to the alley

right across from the Coliseum I found a

very fantastic fountain I couldn't think

of a better way to recycle it for

costigan in ancient Roman to sign of


we gave life less to this object through

water life itself

portable clean fresh and after all this

monumental fountain a real we found it

we are by the ancient city this is one

of the oldest cast-iron fountain we have

this since 1870 and we call this nuts on

it look at the spout it's like a big

nose that's what it means it is actually

a dragon Adam we have three of those

well since 1870 this fountain is giving


cool refreshing and clean water we check

the actual water of this Mazzoni 2500 of

those about two hundred and fifty two

thousand times a year so it's clean it's

safe and comfortable

bring it empty bottles and always try

some now we are heading to the aventine

hill I'm going to see another special

moves on it and we'll find out why and

here we are on the Aventine field we

made it we are bigger than your ante

clearly the garden of the orange trees

if you make it up here I promise you one

of the most stunning views of the city

and even up here we'll put a sound

another fountain of drinkable potable

water this is actually one of the rarest

because it's the one in travertine

what's special about it the spout the

she-wolf the most symbolic mother of all

of the ancient Romans and the Romans

today so giving us clean water I don't

even need a bottle look perfect

well let's go outside have another two

example of fountain to show you

and after promised just outside of the

garden more fountains but this this is

the king of all of them a zonie the big

noses see this is called mayors water

pit it's free it's for all of that let's

check out the second one I'm sitting on

an ace in Rome and back straight out of

a spa recycled again to be one of our

beautiful deported fountain combined

with a 16th century mass but this unlike

the previous ones it's not potable water

but you see Rome is full of fountains

water everywhere

Rome is truly the queen of water so next

time you come to Rome make sure you

download your app you have an empty

bottle and you enjoy our fresh clean and

free water I'll see you soon with