Low Water Level In The Toilet Bowl-Easy Fix

hey everybody I'm here today to show you

what to do if you have a low water level

in the toilet bowl this will be an easy

fix if you are in this situation so if

you realize that in your toilet bowl you

have a very low water level then this is

gonna be an easy fix for you it's very

simple it's very straightforward and to

be honest with you all you need is a

screwdriver but before I show you how to

do it it's important to understand how

this works okay now you can go ahead and

skip ahead if you want to just see the

instructions but it's really important I

believe it's really important for you to

understand how this works

so essentially when you flush your

toilet the tank over here fills up with

water okay so that's it this releases

the water into the bowl and the tank

fills up with new water

in addition down this little pipe over

here goes additional water and that

water is flowing as long as the tank is

filling and that water that goes in that

pipe ends up going in the bowl so in

essence the more water that you can send

down that pipe the more water it that's

gonna actually end up in the bowl now

like I said the water that gets sent

down that pipe continues to flow as long

as this is filling so the longer that

you can keep this tank over here filling

for that's the more water that's gonna

go on the bowl so if you want to raise

the height of the water in the bowl all

that you have to do is make sure that

this fills for longer okay now let's get

to the tutorial okay so essentially this

how much this fills and how long this

fills for is dependent on this thing

right here this is the float you can see

if I push it down right there it's gonna

continue filling right so it's all

dependent on this thing right here now

essentially if you raise this up okay

that is gonna allow the tank to continue

filling for longer so all that you have

to do to raise the water level in your

toilet bowl is to use a screwdriver like

this to turn this to raise it up now

you'll notice if you turn it in one

direction it's gonna go down you turn in

the other direction it's gonna go up

it's very simple so I take this right


and I turn it right now I'm turning it

clockwise it's okay so turning it

clockwise and as I turn it clockwise

it's actually raising it up so I'm gonna

turn this clockwise substantially okay

and every click is just a portion of a

turn so I'm turning it clockwise and you

can probably see that now it's much

higher just look at the height of it

compared to where it was before it's

much higher so all that I have to do now

that I've actually turned it clockwise

sorry about the bad camera angle all

that I have to do now is I have to flush

the toilet and you see when I flush the

toilet like I said okay the tank over

here is essentially going to be filling

up with water and as the tank is filling

up with water

the filler is actually sending water

into here and that water that's going

into there is actually filling up the

bowl you see the water that's coming

down there that's actually coming from

the water

oops sorry about that the water that's

in there okay that's filling up that is

actually coming from right over here

this is just literally sending water

into there so now that I've adjusted it

and I flushed it that the actual tank

will fill up more which will mean that

more water gets sent into the bowl which

will mean that it's going to be not a

low water level anymore so it's simple

sum it up hopefully this wasn't too

complicated because really all that you

got to do is use the screwdriver to turn

that but it's important that you know

why you're turning it and what you're

doing to the toilet right I don't want

you to blindly just go start turning

screws and you know not know what you're

doing right so essentially like I said

this is filling for longer which means

this is filling for longer the tank is

filling for longer which means that this

tube is filling for longer which means

that more water is getting sent into the

bowl so if you have a low water level

that's all that you got to do take your

screwdriver and turn this so that the

float actually raises now if by any

chance you have an older style toilet

which has it's gonna have like a long

stem and then like a floating ball

towards the end there if you have that

style you can do a similar thing except

it's gonna require a little different

method but essentially you still want

the tank to be filling for longer you

can adjust that ball float but

essentially you want the tank to be

filling for longer that is the solution

and that's basically it in this video

I've gone over an easy fix for having a

low water level in the toilet bowl if

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