Danger in Mexico! How bad is it?

hi friends it's going to be a sitting on

the couch day

i want to talk about that skull laying

in the rocks that you

just clicked on it's a bit of a click

bait but i did it for a very good reason

and i'll explain that

in a minute first

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anyway today i

um i got up this morning and i listened

to the news

and one of the stories was about the

mass shooting in virginia city virginia

and that's disturbing to me


some of the things that go on up there

in the united states are just scary to


and i'm sure it is to a lot of people

after watching the news i sat down on my

to my laptop and one of the first

comments i read

was from somebody and i get these

quite often you are really

naive for moving to such a dangerous

place as mexico

you're just living with your head in the


you're just old and you have more money

than good sense for moving to mexico

and this is the one that really got me


uh you are irresponsible

for moving to mexico where your wife is

going to be raped

so i have these two things that come at


this morning early one of them is this

horrible thing that has happened in the

united states

again and then this comment that accuses

me of being naive and

irresponsible for living in such a

dangerous place as mexico

and those two ideas this kind of

hit my mind together like a

traffic accident in my brain

i have backed off from my emotional

reaction to that

to my intellectual and

reasonable reasoning part of my brain

so we're okay but it

has motivated me today to talk about is


dangerous please enjoy my stories or


else might be on my mind today

so let's get to it why do i clickbait

you i click bait you because i sit down

on my computer and i start doing

research about

uh how many of the murders

which is what people always concentrate

on when they're talking about danger in

mexico how many of the murders

in mexico are attributed to cartel

violence rather than just

murders and the first thing i come up


when i google it is this picture

and it's from a 2019 february 2019

news story by cnn and the picture is

nine years old it's a picture of a skull

laying in the rocks by juarez

and my question is why does cnn have to

use a nine-year-old

picture to make a point about cartel

facts in 2019

the us news click baits you all the time

and that's my point

i click baited you because i want to

make the point

that you're always being click baited by

the news

now i'll turn this into not having

click-baited you by giving you some

facts about

danger in mexico as i go through some of

this i want to make a point that

there is a difference between perception

and opinion

and perspective many people in the

united states have the perception that

mexico is a dangerous

place and then there are opinions

that mexico is a dangerous place and i

would agree

there are some parts of mexico that are

a very dangerous place that's my opinion

and then there is perspective

when you say 33 000 people were murdered

in mexico in 2018 that's a real number

and it's up 16 percent from the year

before 2017

so murders are increasing cartel wars

are getting more and more violent

it's absolutely true and the perception

then is that mexico is a dangerous place

and if you're in a cartel or you're a

police officer

fighting a cartel mexico is a very

dangerous place maybe not all of mexico

that's another thing but the perception

is that mexico is a dangerous place and

this leads us

to the opinion that mexico is a

dangerous place but perspective

is a different thing let me give you

some perspective

when you perceive something

that's perception you look at that

singular thing

perspective means that you compare it to

something else

you remember if you went fishing with

your dad when you were a kid and then


caught a trout and he so hold the trout

way out in the front

so it looks bigger in the picture

that's forced perspective

well the news gives you a forced


of danger in mexico

let's talk about tourism there are 31


tourists from the united states in


in a recent year i think the year was


it was 2016. 31 million people visited

mexico as tourists from the united

states and 75 of them

were killed murdered that's the


that is statistically one in every four


thousand here's some

perspective the perception of being

killed in mexico as a tourist

is terrible here's the perspective

in st louis 240 this is in 2016.

in st louis 240 people

were murdered out of 400 000

in baltimore 220 in detroit 176

remember we're comparing this to one in


washington dc 100 tijuana

444 and juarez

300 those are cartel assassinations

what you can draw from those statistics

is that you are much

safer as a tourist in mexico

1 out of 400 000

then you are living in st louis

240 out of 400 thousand

that's what i call perspective

in the united states traffic accident


are 1.25 million per year

that's 3287

deaths from traffic accidents per day

in the united states i'm not laughing

about that

i'm laughing because it's so

obvious to me that you're so much safer

in mexico as a tourist

than you are riding in your car back

where you live

in the united states you're safer many

many times over

uh alcohol deaths in the united states


000 per year so combine those two


if you drink and drive forget about the


you're just dead

so remember this

perception opinion

perspective here's some more perception

and it's true these are these are actual


in 2018 33 341

people were murdered in mexico

and in 2017 28

866 and 2019 is shaping up to be

an increase again in the number of

people murdered in mexico

that's a perception that makes for a

very bad

uh dangerous situation in mexico

most of that is cartel violence

it's concentrated in a number of places

the worst places

are tijuana juarez cabo san lucas

and acapulco those places have a

greater incidence of violent murder

than most cities in the united states

but if you take those out of the crime


the murder statistics of 33 000 people

killed in 2018

you're going to be left with a murder

rate lower

than most cities in the united states

let's get some more perspective i got

these figures from

numeo one of my go-to places for

statistics it's a online

website that keeps track and

assimilates surveys and statistics about

all different kinds of things from all

over the world and compares countries

and i've compared mexico to the united

states not because i'm picking on the

united states i love the united states

for over 200 years the united states has

been the greatest country on the face of

the earth

and for those of you who are always

questioning well why are so many

mexicans moving to the united states

first of all they're not and secondly

what's the mystery

the united states is a wonderful place

to be why wouldn't people want to come

to the united states

stop asking me that question 135 million

mexicans are not coming to the united

states and don't want to

as a matter of fact while we're there

talking about that statistic

there are 1.5 million less

illegal mexicans in the united states

than there was

four years ago look it up

crime levels general crime levels here's


mexico has two percent more

total crime than the united states

and i would contend that if you take

cartel violence and murders

out of those statistics and you add in

white color crime which is generally not

included in those statistics in the

united states like

uh bernie madoff and wells fargo signing

people up for

services they didn't want and people


for other people to take their kids sat

test so they can get into better

colleges if you add all that stuff back


crime rates in the united states are

rampant compared to mexico

but overall for reported crime two

percent more in mexico

opiate use united states

six times more than mexico

murders with firearms 33 percent more in

the united states than mexico and i'm

surprised that it's that low

rape rate and this is the one that got

me going this morning

when somebody said i was irresponsible

for bringing my wife

to a place where she's going to be raped

the rape rate in mexico

is ranked 18th in the world number one

is worse

um the united states is ranked ninth

there are two times more rapes in the

united states

per hundred thousand people than in


so maybe i was really

doing my wife a great service to bring

her from the united states

to mexico with regard to her chances

of being raped total crimes per 1000


in mexico 14 in the united states 41.

mexico is ranked 46th in the world

and the united states is ranked 22nd in

the world

and remember lower numbers are worse

so total crimes per 1000 people

the united states is three times more

dangerous than mexico

violent crime intentional homicide

15 in mexico to five in the united

states so mexico is ranked three times

higher for intentional homicide than the

united states and that's the statistic

that gives everybody the perception that

mexico is a dangerous place

and it's the one that i have to talk

about the most because it's the one

that's the

least accurate perception

which leads people to the most erroneous

opinion and the perspective is that if


take out the cartel violence

and the border towns and the high

tourist areas mexico is

safer than the united states


mexico ranked 46th united states ranked

ninth 35 times more burglaries

than in mexico and that's per population

it's not

total i

believe that one of the reasons for that

is because of the

drug opiate and

fentanyl use in the united states

i recently read i think it was in may

the new york times fentanyl

has become the leading cause

of death for people under 55

in the united states let me say that


fentanyl use is the leading cause of

death for people under 55 in the united


and how that relates to what i just said

is that they steal

they burglarize people in order to get


to feed their habit that's the dynamic

robberies and the difference between

burglary and robbery is that robbery

involves a firearm and people being


three times more in the united states

than in mexico

fear of hate crimes

mexico is ranked 78th in the world and

the united states is ranked

31st in the world so there's 89 percent

more fear of hate crime in the united


than in mexico i sat in an

office waiting room a couple of months

ago with a

lady of color who had just moved here


san diego and she made a comment that

really struck me in our conversation

what she said was it was so wonderful to

be living here in mexico where she was

just a person

and not a person of color

assaults uh mexico ranked 20th

the united states is ranked first

in the world for assault

four times more than mexico

auto theft uh mexico is ranked 22nd

the united states is ranked sixth there

are three times more

auto thefts in the united states

than in mexico and again

these statistics are based upon either

one thousand or a hundred thousand

population they're not based upon the


that there are more in the united states

because there are three and a half


350 million people in the united states

and 135 million

people in mexico the ratio of there

being about one to three

that's not what's going on here with

these statistics

these statistics are per a number of

population they're not

totals when they're ranked

that's what i got for today crime when

it happens

is terrible and i don't want to be the

one who says oh you should move to

mexico because it's safer than the

united states

and then something happens to you and

it's jerry's fault don't put that on my


but don't live with your head in the

sand and don't be afraid

there are bad people in the world just

be aware

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