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life's all about moments of impact and

how they changed our lives forever but

what if one day you can no longer

remember any of them hate here in the

hospital you were in a car accident any

pain I had hurt doctor she doesn't

remember me her memory is going to

improve with time we missed you coming

home to life I don't know it's a lot to

take in

we'll figure this out together morning

what please knock just have it I'm sorry

the last memory that I have this being

engaged to Jeremy ex-fiance Jeremy oh no

no in her mind it's current fiancé

Jeremy I need to make my wife fall in

love with me again I want to ask you out

on a date

make to people that are just meeting for

the first time date I just have to be

back by 10:00 in the morning oh my god

what first date they're already inviting

yourself thin night what I don't know

I'm just a little scared Isis Oh No

as Liz

you can't remember how we fell in love

he got to experience it all over this is

the exact partners spot where we first


she doesn't remember you do you like

this right a little bit I'm disabled we

have I hope one day I can have the way

that you love me you figured it out

won't be able to hurt again

I thought no matter what challenges

might carry us apart we will always find

a way back to each other