How to fix iPhone low volume issue!

what's going on everybody I want to make

a quick video today I've been having a

problem that I finally figured out um I

haven't figured out what causes it but I

figured out how to fix it

I guess so to speak I know a lot of

people are having this issue where

you'll be listening to music it doesn't

matter if it's the iPod app you know

your music app you know Apple music

Spotify I Heart Radio Pandora any of

those even YouTube videos or anything

where it just randomly gets quiet like

it it seems like it drops down to about

halfway volume it seems like the volume

drops to about here even though the

volumes all the way up and then you'll

turn it down and turn it back up

nothing works you know you're like what

the heck you know so you restart the

phone or whatever and that fixes it

that's one way to fix it but what causes

it is not iOS it is not the iPhone

there's not a problem from Apple it's

not some metal can fix as far as I know

the problem is Facebook what happens is

all I've been able to read online and I

was trying to get I was trying to

replicate the problem so I could show

you but of course when I wanted to

happen it's not going to happen but you

know like I said anything from YouTube

to Spotify music all that stuff but what

happens is what I read is when the

Facebook notification it's just that

little blip it's like a Boop you know

just that quick like a split-second and

apparently because that's so short that

somehow like freezes the the feature

where you know the iPhone kind of lowers

the volume to let you know you got a

notification and then the volume gets

stuck down there so it's I guess it's

kind of half Facebook half Apple but I

think Facebook should just do away with

that notification or whatever but it

does not change a lot of people say go

to your notifications you know find

Facebook and turn the sounds off which I

have already done as you can see right

there and then they're off that does not

work I don't know if maybe turn it off

completely would work but you know I do

like knowing when I got stuff so I just

don't need the sound but anyways the way

to fix it no matter where you are just

double tap

clothes Facebook you know just swipe up

and your volume will go right back to

normal then a second or two I hope they

get a fix for that soon you know maybe

an update or something but I just don't

see it happening because I see people

with like the iPhone 4 and the 4s even

that are that have this problem so I

mean that means it's been going on for a

long time but it seems like kind of more

lately it's been an issue that people

are noticing and it like I said it

doesn't matter what app you're using to

listen to audio you could even be

watching a movie I think but uh it

doesn't matter what speakers you're

using doesn't matter if it's the iPhone

speaker headphones plugged in bluetooth

headphones a headset a Bluetooth speaker

it's all the same thing just close the

Facebook app and you can go right back

to opening it you know you can go right

back to it and do whatever you got to do

I know it should still work loud but so

far that's the only fix so hopefully

this helps somebody sorry for making

that probably two minutes longer than

you need to be but I like to be thorough

so thumbs up share subscribe I

appreciate it thank you