what are you saying you to dissing your

Manzi it is Thursday I have a question

for you today why is the view still on

TV yes

I cannot stand of you there's no good

after - whatever they call them hey my


why is Whoopi Goldberg still here didn't

she say and a lot of celebrities in if

Donald Trump won the presidency of the

United States of America they will leave

the country but they are still here you

know if I would know if I were to run a

lottery I get them a 747 and put their

books on there for a one-way trip to

Canada I mean these celebrities are

worse than politicians they lie so many

times it's horrible and by way one of

celebrities Jimmy Kimmel hey man you

know what we don't care about your

politics just based on joke so we kill

Lana what he can't he can't do any jokes

anyways so those are two things so uh or

by way I have another nomination for the

knucklehead of the week it is called the

view the ladies of the view oh by the

way there but another heads anyway they

talk about Trump and they bash anybody

oh and by the way you know it couldn't

has not been on Fox Joe hey are you


mrs. Clinton are you scared to bring

your books on there are you scared you

gonna get some questions

not the baby questions you get on the

other channels so that is my video of


morning please put your comment down

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I'll take any kind of questions

whatsoever we can talk about topics any

kind of topics are open and by the way

when we're saying yes I vote for Donald

Trump and he is my my president see how

what I see go dvbe what power oh yeah by

the way you can't see me oh I always

been dropped

I just want say thank you for Trish TV

you are the first comment on my video on

their image Sunday thank you thank you

thank you and thank you for the rest of

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thank you all thank you so much what