Sarah Silverman Slams Cancel Culture | The View

on her podcast the other day comedian

sarah silverman weighed in

on so-called cancel culture and she

claims there can be unintended

consequences take a look

in this cancel culture and we all know

what i'm talking about

whether you think there is one or there

isn't one or where you stand on it and

there's a lot of gray matter there

but without a path to redemption when

you take someone you found a tweet they

wrote seven years ago

or a thing that they said and you expose

it and you say

this person should be no more banish

them forever

they're going to find some place where

they are accepted

and it's not going to be with

progressives which ironically means

to be changed progress

so this is an issue you all feel

strongly about i'm told barry this is

one that you particularly feel strongly


tell me about it i do because i

this is a country and the values that i

believe in believe in giving people


chances i believe that no one should be


hung or have their reputation destroyed

or lose their job

because of a mistake or liking a bad

tweet and i think oftentimes when we

talk about canceled culture

people think about celebrities that have

gotten in trouble

people that are famous people that

frankly you know have the financial net

if they lose a job but i think about

someone like emanuel cafferty

emmanuel cafferty worked for the san

diego utility company

he was driving his truck by a protest

a few months ago when his hand was

hanging out the window someone snapped a

picture of his hand and they said that

he was making a white supremacist

hand gesture he is hispanic

his family is from mexico but it didn't


the people that carried out the

investigation at the san diego utility


decided that what he was doing was a

racist gesture and he was fired from his


now this is a working-class guy he was

playing with his fingers he had no idea

what he was doing

these are the kinds of stories that we

talk about when we're talking about

cancel culture

and i think that i find it ironic that


as sarah silverman wisely put it in that

clip the kind of people

who talk about giving criminals giving

murderers a second chance the people

that care about things like

prison reform which i also feel

passionately about that they also feel

that someone should have their social

reputation destroyed

because of a mistake like that and and i

just think that that is wrong and it is

deeply un-american

and you have an issue with cancer


as well sonny yes

i do i i have an issue with the term

actually cancel culture because i i

think for far too long

we've let people get away with really

bad behavior

um and now deemed it uh that they're

being cancelled

because of of uh you know

their their behavior rather than being

held accountable

for their behavior i think it's high

time that many people

that behave badly behave

poorly behave in racist manners be held

accountable for it

because there should be consequences to


so rather than call it cancel culture

why not call it consequence culture why


uh call it uh other things like that and

when you look at it through that lens

um then i think that that that's

different um

and um you know we used to say things

were you know

to pc uh well i don't know if you are

the subject

of the behavior um then then perhaps you

look at it a little differently

right there's a difference but sarah

what do you

what what glad sarah even if it was even

if it was called

consequence culture which i tend to use

the term cancel the consequence should

fit the crime and i don't think in this

day and age there's any spectrum for

that bucket of wrong

we put everyone in the same bucket and

there's like a pariah

scarlet letter on them and it often i

actually agree with a lot of what barry


it ends up wiping out full families

association people look back and dig and

if you have a picture with a person

that's been

you know suffered a consequence as sonny

would say

your guilt by association you can no

longer be near them i think there's this

unforgiving um culture right now that's

become acceptable it's a mob mentality

and i think

sadly if it were to affect you or

someone you love we would expect more

grace and nuance but we don't extend

that to other people

well i happen to know a little something

about cancer culture as does barry

you know i was canceled i was canceled

if it wasn't for

uh barbara walters saying hey would you

come and do the show

i would still probably be out of work

because i wasn't getting any work for

five years we went through all my


went through everything but she gave me

an opportunity and that's what happens

someone has to make a space for you and

say i'm gonna take the chance

i really believe that it's important to

find out the facts of things

before we just erase stuff because


people are being erased not because you

thought they actually did something bad

but because people have decided that

this is the thing where

we're going after now so i'm real i'm

real particular about going after people

and canceling them because sometimes

they're not guilty

i'm just saying