HOW NOT TO GET RIPPED OFF @ THE VETS?! | Why are the vets so expensive? Explained by a Vet!


hello hello welcome back to my channel I

am really sorry our fan m.i.a for a

while I've been busy doing things and

finding a job finding a visa and getting

engaged so I'm really sorry I made a

video for a while I really want to keep

up with this YouTube channel because I

really like doing it I like doing it

when I was doing it back you know a few

months ago and I would love to keep it

up so today's topic is a bit

controversial it's about money it's

about trying not to feel like you got

ripped off at the vets and I feel like I

really need to first of all make clear

one thing right vets don't earn a lot of

money no there's a misconception out

there that vets are just money-making

monsters but we are not if you know of

one single that that I want to

Lamborghini you need to tell me because

I would love to know what he's doing

what she's doing to earn all that money

because I definitely don't so yeah I

think most vets earn a very comfortable

amount not a crazy amount though we earn

enough to live and live comfortably and

maybe some vets earn more because they

own practices super vet I think we

learned a lot I mean I don't know how

much he earns but he definitely would

earn a lot compared to most vets because

he's a specialist he's on TV he's like

he's written his own book so before we

move on with this video I just want to

like kind of make sure you understand

that we don't earn a lot of money um

it frustrates me when people always ask

me oh you must learn so much you must

you know be so comfortable you must blah

blah blah just I just kind of roll my

eyes and think I wish my first tip for

not feeling like you got ripped off is

communicate your money concerns we are

not mind reader's we cannot tell if our

client has money concerns just by

looking at their faces

so as about your obligation is to

explain all possible solutions so even

the gold standard one that might cost

you ten thousand pounds we have to

explain all the type of solution to your

pets problems right so when we have a

10-15 minute consult a lot of vets

actually only have ten minutes for you

so when we have 10 15 minutes consults

is a very difficult for us to explain

everything for you to understand

everything and for you to feel like

we've really explained things well so if

you communicate with us early on that

you've got financial concerns we are so

much happier to give you a more cater to

you option so if you communicate early

on that you've got financial concerns I

will be then thinking on my brain okay

the option of sending them to a

specialist hospital where a specialist

looks at them and does all the tests

blood tests ultrasound x-ray and undergo

anesthesia for a surgery with a surgery

specialist and then stay in the ICU like

that is just not possible for you and

that's fine like it's not possible for

me either normal people don't have that

much money to pay on their pets so as

soon as you communicate that you have

money concerns then straight away we're

like okay what can we do for this client

what can we cut out for them to make it

less expensive of them but most

effective for their pet that will make

that amount of time we have with you so

much more valuable because we are

actually planning and catering for you

so I know a lot of people are

embarrassed to tell their vet that

they've got money concerns because you

think that vets will judge you it's just

not true I mean I can't speak for every

single vet in the entire world but I

never judge my clients for having money

concerns because I know that I would

also have those money concerns it's not

you know money is a universal thing most

people are not millionaires so yeah

completely understand

and also remember vets don't earn that

much so we understand my second tip for

not feeling like you got ripped off is

to communicate with your vet that you

don't understand just by telling us that

you don't get what we're doing you don't

understand what why we're spending your

money we can then explain to you why we

think this money should be spent or

maybe you're right you know we don't

have to spend that money after

explaining to you we're like oh actually

you're right we can spend that money

somewhere else just by asking you will

feel better because you'll understand

more like why is about doing this is she

just wasting my money and again I can't

speak for all vets but if I'm doing

something there is a reason why I'm

doing it I'm not just honestly I'm not

just trying to spend your money on

nothing and I think when I'm telling

clients loads of information and there's

just not in their heads I actually get

worried because I'm like do they

understand why I'm spending money I

don't want them to think that I'm

spending their money for no reason I

prefer to have interactive clients that

ask me questions and understand where

I'm coming from so don't be afraid to

ask because you'll feel better for

knowing where that money is spent and

I'll feel better because I know that you

know where the money is spent

my third tip is a cheat tip because not

really a tip but it's to think of how

much this would cost if you had to have

all these things done it's really

difficult in England because nobody

plate pays for their own health care and

that is why I think people are very

surprised at the cost of vets because

they don't understand how much health

care costs in general for humans if you

think of a vet practice we use all the

same equipment we have the same syringes

the same sterile needles the same

sterile drapes same sterile everything

for your pet just like a hospital would

so why would our price be half the price

of humans or even 70% the price of

humans you know I went to school the

same amount of time as my doctor

counterpart so why would my time be less

expensive than a doctor and we are less

expensive because obviously you can't

you just we can't charge pets as much as

we charge humans but if you just think

of how much it would cost on you then

you'd understand that we're not trying

to rip you off basically and it's really

funny because I was actually talking to

colleagues at work about this woman who

refused to get her animals spayed

because she thinks that were basically

suggesting preventative health care like

speaking like neutering as a way of

making money but a nurse kind of said

well if we want to make money out of you

we just suggest that you don't get a

spayed so that your dog has power Mitra

and comes in for emergency surgery

because that's like ten times more

expensive than a routine space surgery

so we're not just here to make money

when I went to vet school I really did

want to help animals and I still that's

still all I want to do is help

I am NOT here to just make money and if

I was I wouldn't be in this career I'd

be a banker or I'd be a financial

advisor or a lawyer because frankly they

make so much more money than us so I

think communication is key between a

client and a vet because when I

understand what you want and what your

budget is and you understand why I'm

using your money to do things the

interaction becomes so much easier all

the vets I've worked with I speak for my

friends that I went to veterinary school

with all the works I've worked for

I've not met a single nasty veterinary

surgeon because the only reason why we

went into veterinary in first place is

because we love animals and how can you

not trust anyone that loves animals but

anyway another thing that really

frustrates me is when people come to me

and say well you should save my cat

because you love animals so you should

do it for free

and my reaction is yeah in an ideal

world I'd do that for free I would save

all the animals for free and still have

enough money to live comfortably and

that is just not possible it's just not

realistic I mean because we live in a

capitalistic world it's just not ideal

right so if I start not charging you

then someone else hears about it I have

to start not charging them and then it

just snowballs into a big not charging

business and then it just crumble right

because we're not a charity and I do

love animals and I hate seeing them

suffer and this is why I became a vet in

the first place

but money is just something that exists

that I can't get rid of and that's just

the way of the world I hope you found

this video useful and I hope that you

really believe me when I say that all we

want to do is help and that we're not

here to make your money until next time

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