The Usual Suspects - Movie Review

hi guys and welcome back to will the

beer reviews today I want to talk about

a pretty classic iconic movie in in the

world of cinema and that's the usual

suspects now this movie is 23 years old

and I just finally got around to

actually checking it out so I want to

talk about it a little bit if you don't

know the story it's really it follows

this one person named verbal played by

Kevin Spacey because he's kind of

recounting the exploits and adventures

of this heist crew that he was a part of

so he's kind of sitting in a police

office talking with his detective

recounting what his crew has done over

the past couple weeks things like that

in this movie also stars Kevin

Gabriel Byrne a very young Benicio del

Toro a couple others in there and so

overall I would say that I really

enjoyed this movie I can see why it has

the iconic status that it does you know

I I enjoy heist movies so I was kind of

predisposed to like this one so III

definitely enjoyed it but where this

movie kind of falls down for me is that

it is 23 years old it does have that

iconic status I'm finally getting around

to watching it and so I already knew a

lot about this movie going into it and

this is definitely one of those movies

where if you don't know a lot going into


you're better off for it so I'm gonna

start good to get into some spoilers

here so if you haven't seen the usual

suspects and you're watching this review

probably turn it off but if you have

seen it like most cinephiles have you

know that again spoilers the the big

twist in the end is that this big bad

mythical gangster that everyone talks

about Keyser söze is in fact the

character played by Kevin Spacey and you

know there's the the iconic line the

greatest trick the devil ever devil ever

played was convincing the world that he

didn't exist which is just indicative of

the character that he plays in this

movie so going into the film I knew that

that's what the twist was so I was kind


looking for it I could see it unraveling

throughout the movie so on a first-time

viewing and knowing a big twist like

that it can kind of take a lot of the

teeth out of a really good movie but I

will say again that I overall enjoyed

this film and I can see why it has the

iconic status that it has and why would

have blown Minds when it came out and

people didn't know the twist things like

that also I'm talking about the

performances in this movie I really

enjoyed Kevin Spacey I also really

enjoyed young Benicio del Toro even

though he was a little hard to

understand at times his accent was

pretty thick and I think it was kind of

an affectation to fit his character

I always watch TV with the captions on

because I'm hard of hearing now because

I'm actually deaf I just listen to music

too loud and I like to actually read my

movie so I can catch extra things and

read and you know catch every single

thing so overall I really enjoyed this

overall I will say that I do have some

complaints about this film I think near

the beginning I was a little lost on

kind of what was happening is movie just

kind of starts and characters start

doing things and you don't really have a

good idea of what's going on there's a

little confusion there and I don't know

if that's on purpose or not I will also

say that what has been going on recently

with both Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer

who directed this with both of their

respective scandals in Hollywood to put

a bit of a black mark on this movie

going this far back especially Kevin

Spacey because he is kind of the face of

this movie you can kind of forget that

Bryan Singer is a part of it since he

just directed it he's behind the camera

don't ever see him on it but I will say

that both of those scandals in Hollywood

do put a bit of a black mark on this

film but overall I really I really

enjoyed it also one other thing

Giancarlo Esposito is in this film I saw

his name in the opening credits and then

when his character showed up on screen

he looks really familiar I feel like I

know this person and then I saw his name


and credits and I was like oh we have

that was him if you don't know who

Giancarlo Esposito is he plays Gus fring

on both breaking back and a better call

cell he's a fantastic actor he was just

almost unrecognizable from his role on

from 23 years ago versus playing Gus

fring right now cool little little

nugget in there like I said overall I

really enjoyed it

knowing the twists kind of took

something out of it for me but I'm glad

I finally got around to checking out

this classic iconic film so what if you

what do you think about the usual

suspects have you seen it hopefully

you've seen it also I just boiled it for

ya let me know what you think about it

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