Footsteps of World War II #2, USS Missouri

hi Sean mugger here that history guy and

welcome back to footsteps of World War

two this is segment number two we're

going we started a segment number one

with the very beginning of world war two

and now we're going to the very end I

did not say we're gonna go in order

so this installment I'm going to take

you to the battleship Missouri which is

now permanently docked in Pearl Harbor

I'll zoom out and show you this is Pearl

Harbor as you can see in near Honolulu

Hawaii where the United States entered

World War two with the Japanese attack

however the USS Missouri is of course

famous for the ship on which the

Japanese surrender was signed on

September 2nd 1945 officially ending the

Pacific War when we talk about the World

War two has two components the Europe

and the Pacific when we talk about the

war against the Japanese we usually call

that the Pacific War so there's a lot of

photospheres here and i can show you

what this looks like this is the deck on

which this surrender was actually signed

Japan surrendered to the Allied powers

General Douglas MacArthur was there he

was standing right on this deck he was

what they call SCAP supreme command Ally

supreme commander Allied powers

essentially the new Emperor of Japan

following the defeat this ship was built

at the Brooklyn Navy Yard beginning in

1941 before the United States entered

the war it has nine 16-inch guns that's

these major guns here and then there's a

host of smaller weaponry like you can

see in the background there it was

envisioned as a capital ship to fight

other capital ships of course that's

what a battleship is supposed to do

however battleships proved to be

disappointing weapons believe it or not

they were so big and so expensive that

usually the forces that had them were

reluctant to commit them to battle

because they could be lost so quickly

and their investments not recouped so

here we see the gentlemen who actually

took this photo loved the glasses so

anyway the Missouri

missed the major sea battles of the war

with Japanese ships last one the only

one in fact among battleships at least

not talking about carriers that

battleships was the Battle of Leyte Gulf

which was fought in late October of 1944

the missouri was not launched until

november about a month later so she

missed the big battle so what that meant

was that the missouri participated in a

lot of will support operations but then

shore batteries so two major battles in

1945 Iwo Jima and Okinawa the Missouri

was sent as kind of a floating battery

to soften up the beaches for invasion

so that was her main task

the Japanese announced their surrender

on August 15 1945 that's what we call VJ

day so the spontaneous demonstrations

for example where people were referring

ticker tape out the window in New York

City and the guy was you know kissed the

nurse in Times Square well that was all

August 15 1944 that was VJ day but that

was not the official surrender the

official surrender happened here on this

deck right about where these people over

here are standing the official surrender

was a formality in it occurred in Tokyo

Bay so the ship steamed into Tokyo Bay

in a rat arrived on August 29th again

this about two weeks after hostilities

had actually ceased the ceremony lasted

23 minutes an American flag was present

and it was a flag that had been carried

by Commodore Matthew Perry on his

expedition to quote-unquote open Japan

in 1854 that event was of course the

beginning of the collision between

American the United States and Japan

which some historians have said that a

war between the two of them was

inevitable from 1854 onward the Missouri

had a career that extended beyond World

War two

she was decommissioned in well she

served in the Korean War 1950

53 and then was decommissioned in 1955

she was however recommissioned in 1986

when President Ronald Reagan part of his

military buildup was what he called a

600 ship Navy and so a couple of old

battleships which were still good were

refit and put into service so as part of

that service the USS Missouri actually

served in the first Persian Gulf War in

1991 and then was decommissioned for the

last time in March of 1992 so now she is

permanently moored in Pearl Harbor has a

museum ship you can see across the bay

here there's some more memorials to

Pearl Harbor such as the famous Arizona

Memorial which we will get to you in a

future installment of this series so

thank you very much for watching and

we'll see you next time