Knowing the benefits of electronic health information systems for clinicians

so how can connected electronic health

information systems improve care for

patients make healthcare workplaces more

efficient and help sustain our

healthcare system for years to come

think about the number of times you've

had to recall a patient's history and

can't quickly find what you were looking

for or the number of times you've been

waiting for a lab or diagnostic result

to make an informed decision about your

patients treatment plan or wanted to

change a patient's medication but we're

without access to pertinent medication

information from other health care

providers have you ever wondered if

there was a better way for you to

capture use and manage this exchange of

health information among clinicians or

even if it's possible to have a more

complete picture of your patient's

health history when or where it's needed

wouldn't that help you provide the best

possible care to your patients look at

it this way say you're caring for a

patient who recently had hip replacement

surgery and they come in for a follow-up

two weeks later unfortunately you

haven't received the hospital discharge

summary and the patient can't recall

specific tests and treatments performed

while in hospital but they can tell you

that the home care nurse practitioner

started them on an antibiotic and the

physiotherapist changed their exercise

plan a good start but not enough

information right having access to an

up-to-date summary of the patient care

such as their medications diagnosis and

discharge plan would have provided you

and the patient with the right

information to inform the appropriate

plan of care in your community health

information about patients is collected

in various points of care which often

don't connect so information cannot be

easily shared between healthcare


this means clinicians often have to rely

on the memory of their patients or

family members who conveyed their

understanding of the diagnosis and

treatment plan having fully connected

electronic health record systems will

allow all authorized clinicians to

retrieve a patient's health information

quickly and securely not only will it

save health care teams time it will

avoid potentially harmful

errors and adverse drug events in order

to improve health care in Canada Canada

health info Way is working with the

provinces territories and clinicians to

create and connect a network of

electronic health information systems in

your community province and eventually

across the country which in the future

will allow you to easily and securely

share pertinent health information

amongst authorized clinicians caring for

your patients which not only improves

the efficiency of your professional

practice but contributes to a quality

health care system in Canada for years

to come and at the end of the day that

gives you the confidence that you will

continue to provide the best possible

care for your patients because knowing

is better than not knowing