Should the Country Be Divided Into Regions?

Let's go next to our caller from the two zero six area code.

Who's calling today from two zero six?

David, I can hear it.

Yes, I can.

Who's this?

Pleasure to finally meet you.

I'm Logan Rogers, originally from Florida, but currently living in Seattle.

I love it.

Got kind of a setup for you.

Thank you.

What kind of a setup for you?

A little bit of just I want your opinion on something that's been personally going on

politically in my life.

But very recently, I had a couple of friends of mine that I moved down from Florida, moved

into my house in Seattle, and I've known the man for good like four or five years, and

he have a girlfriend.

And we recently had a little bit of a, you know, quarrel over this whole Black Lives

Matter protest.

You and you and the girlfriend had a quarrel.



She's she's more of a she's from Ohio and she's from Florida.

And he's got, you know, progressive politics.

They both do.

But she just couldn't get over the fact that property damage was being occurred because

of these protests and that she's like.

Basically didn't really approve of it, and I made the point to her because she was one

of the people to be unlike, you know, not all cops are bad people.

There's this a lot of good cops.

And I tried making the point to her that if you have 3000 good cops that do good things

for bad cops, that do really, really bad things.

And those two thousand cops don't say anything about that.

You still have 2004 bad cops.

And she took it extremely personally because she has a lot of police from the family and

basically thought that I said that her dad was a racist that kills black people.


They haven't talked to me in about three months now and they moved out.

And it's really, really been kind of hard on me because I love them both.

And my my political verbal skills aren't nearly as refined as yours.

I must say, and I was just wondering, like, where where would you take that relationship?

You're saying it at the point at where it is now.

What would you do?


I mean, it really depends on what you're what your goal is.

Is the goal to sort of fix the damage that has been done?

Pretty much.

I'd like to really do that.

Well, I mean, I don't know these people.

It's very hard for me to say, but I would try reaching out and saying I feel terribly

about the outcome of our relationship.

You don't necessarily have to say I take back what I said because it sounds like you don't.

And in that case, you shouldn't.

I wouldn't lie and say you were wrong.

And what you said, if you believe you were right and what you said, but you could say,

I really regret how this went.

And would

you be open to talking to me?

I mean, I don't know that there's really that much more that there's not much more that

you can do.

You can just say forget it.

You can say I'm in a wait for them to reach out if they ever do.

Or you can be proactive.

But I don't know that I have any special insight based on the subject matter.


All righty.

You know, I was trying to reach out and just find people that, you know, you seem like

a very reasonable person to talk to about this.

So thank you for taking my call.

Just a quick little shout out.

I really, really appreciate you guys.

You, Kyle.

I'm from Florida originally.

I come from a very conservative background, and I was pretty racist for a long time.


Thanks, you guys, for everything you guys do.

Oh, yeah.

I was like, pure bred, like, you know, get these Mexicans out the border kind of back.

So what, like.


Now get these Mexicans out.

What what beliefs did you have about Mexican people?

Well, you know, again, I was raised in the southern conservative family.

So just basically all the normal racist tropes that you would hear, you know, like they're

taking our jobs or, you know, dirty, you know, infested

people who are just, you know, coming over here to like, you know, make American not

white, you know, like I was I was pretty bad, man.

I'm not going to lie.

Like I've come about come a long way.

That's that's incredible.

And so now when someone when you run into someone that still believes that, are you

better positioned to disabuse them of those beliefs or not?


I've deprogram probably two people, really.

I know of my really good friends.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

I had my friends in Idaho was a really Big Ben Shapiro guy.

And ironically, make you were showing him you and Nick Kyle actually brought him around

like you guys are much more reasonable sounding.


Was there any particular issue where they started to be open to other ideas, like was

it on, you know, immigration or social issues, economics, where they said, oh, maybe this

other set of ideas actually is making more sense to me?

Specifically for just my one friend, I think it was health care.

What I find interesting.

OK, yeah.

And how recent was that the other night during Corona virus or prior to.

I was pretty proud of Precolonial last year.

That's interesting.

That's interesting.

Thank you.

Well, congratulations.

I mean, you've programed yourself and to people that's already more than most people can say.

So I hope that the relationship is rekindled, if that's the way you want it to go.

And I really appreciate the phone call.

Thank you so much.

All right.

Take care.

Tough situation there.

That's a tough situation.