The Upside: Movie Review

Does The Upside have any serious downsides?

"Some of us got real problems."

"I'm fighting to see my son."

Let's just say there are a few red flags.

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston star in this fact-based comedy

about the unlikely friendship between an ex-con and a wealthy quadriplegic.

"Don't your arms work?"

"They don't."

The main thing for parents to look out for here is the pot smoking.

Characters do it casually, both for fun and medical purposes,

without any negative consequences.

As for other iffy stuff, expect brief close-up shots of a woman having sex,

some uncomfortable scenes about inserting a catheter,

plus use of the S-word and other salty language.

"Are you mad?"

"You wanna break this big ass bottle of wine?"


But despite a few hiccups, this film has a great message about finding the positive in life.

Common Sense says The Upside is OK for teens 14 and up.

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