Why Ole Miss?

Look at this amazing place.

I think anybody who tours or comes to Ole Miss can realize how beautiful the campus


There's just something about being on campus, you feel the atmosphere, and it really does

feel like this, it's hard to believe, but it feels like a family unit.

The community and the family that we have here at Ole Miss, I think it's something people

really have to come here to realize.

You should be open to coming here, because I promise you, if you get on this campus,

this is the only place you're gonna wanna go to college.

You still have the SEC school feel, and you have the awesome game day, but then you walk

past six people you know every time you go to class.

I looked at way too many statistics and rankings and acceptance and everything like that when

I was choosing my college, when for me the most important thing was when I walked onto

that campus, did I feel at home?

Did I feel like i could succeed and did I feel like I could be myself there?

Why I chose Ole Miss is so much deeper than academic, because in order to excel in your

academics, you have to feel comfortable at the university.

And for me, Ole Miss felt like home.

We have an amazingly diverse campus here that I feel like is inclusive of everyone from

all walks of life, and so no matter where you come from or what you do, everybody has

a place here on this campus.

I fell in love with the campus as soon as I stepped foot on it.

It just made me feel like I belonged here.

The University of Mississippi was my first choice, and it's definitely been the best