When to Fly the US Flag at Half Staff


according to the flag code there are

specific periods of time which were

designated as morning with the flag at

half-staff for various federal officials

for instance say President of the United

States or former president it's 30 days

for some other individual it's from

death to when they're buried the day of

the funeral governors have also been

given that authority to declare a period

of half-staff so when there is someone

who has died who is not on the list that

it's automatic then the president issues

presidential proclamation stating who

has died and and why they're being

honored and what the period will be that

the flag is flown at half-staff a

governor can also do that there have

been instances where say a student at a

local high school dies and I don't think

it's inappropriate on the day of their

funeral if the cortege is passing by the

school to have the school's flag at

half-staff but just for that brief

period but normally speaking we fly the

flag at half-staff to show the entire

nation is mourning not just one

individual or one family