Why American Isn't a Capitalist Country

the idea of a capitalist free market is

a economic system in which a country's

trade and industry are controlled by

private owners for profit rather than by

the state versus that of socialism which

advocates that the means of production

and distribution and the exchange should

be owned or regulated by the community

as a whole and socialism is defined as a

political and economic theory but that

theory has been proven wrong time and

time and time again throughout history

alright so we got to talk about why

America is not per se a capitalist

country despite what all of the

Socialists and liberals and Democrats

would have you believe and you see

America is not a capitalist country

because we have such a thing as are

pretty close to socialized medicine

socialized education when it comes to

student loans and colleges and there is

really no competition between

institutions and this is a fundamentally

the problem that America has right now

is fending off socialist policies that

would inevitably destroy our country

because as of right now America spends a

900 billion dollars a year every single

year just on social programs like

welfare food stamps and so on and so

forth and if we were a true capitalist

country if the free market would

essentially take over and make things a

thousand times better when it comes to

medical and student loans and colleges

and all that other good stuff you see

the reason why for instance student

loans and colleges are so expensive

nowadays is because of the government

because of the government coming in and

regulating everything and offering

student loans which then stops the

individual colleges from competing with

each other instead of competing with

each other they have no incentive to

lower costs which means costs skyrocket

and the only way to literally pay for

college nowadays is to pay it with a

student loan and the medical industry is

no different because again

government has its ass into it and

everything costs a million dollars for

anything you go to the hospital right

now they give you advil for a headache

and it cost you four or five hundred

dollars because each Alaura advil pill

is about two hundred dollars per pop but

even worse I believe is that in America

right now in terms of student loans and

colleges in the medical field and the

democrats and liberals are trying to

expand the government's hand in just

about anything and everything would

essentially destroy our economy because

under capitalism under true capitalism

we have a free market system we have

competition within that market let's say

you go to one hospital and they charge

you $200 per advil pill and then you

want to go to a different hospital and

they charge you 50 cents per pill who do

you think you're gonna go to it's the

same brand of Advil just one hospital

charges way more and one hospital

charges way way way less you're gonna go

to the one that charges you less and

then that hospital will get more

patients more money and then it will

grow and become better and better while

the other hospitals that charge you an

arm and a lake for the most simplest of

procedures go out of business but the

Democrats don't want to have a free

market system the liberals progressives

socialists especially don't want a free

market system because they want all the

government to come in and take care of

everything and government intervention

ISM is the worst possible solution to

just about anything let the free market

take control and watch these prices

absolutely just collapse on themselves

if the government had gone out of

student loans or colleges the prices

would not be this high if the government

stayed its ass out of the medical field

and medicine the cost for hospitals and

treatment want to be this high because

the government comes in and it takes

away the incentive for profit the profit

incentive and the Democrats and liberals

love to talk about how evil the profit

incentive is but yet that is the only

reason why America stays ahead of

innovation is because we have that

profit incentive why we have stayed in

front of the medical field in all of the

world for the last 200 years and we've

kind of slacked off because of the

Herman is gone involved now of course I

am not completely against social

programs and safety nets and all that

stuff but when your government is

spending over to over nine hundred

billion dollars a year on those safety

nets something is astray something is

not right and the welfare system is

heavily abused and has not even gotten

any attention or reform whatsoever

because every time the Republicans try

to the Democrats scream oh you're

attacking poor people you want to hurt

more poor people you want to hurt these

poor minority groups and all of their

bullcrap party-line politics and welfare

and food stamps and all that stuff is

literal socialism the government coming

in and basically taking care of you

rather than you taking care of yourself

and you as an individual have to take

responsibilities for your own actions

and that is essentially the problem

between socialism and capitalism the

capitalist countries of the world are

leading in innovation while the

socialist countries are creating

anything but thankfully America still

has a lot of capitalistic aspects in our

economy and that keeps us afloat but if

we had adopted socialism or Bernie

Sanders politics and policies in a few

years we would be no better than

Venezuela and I hear the Democrats and

liberals always complaining about clean

energy energy efficient sand to renew

ourselves off of fossil fuels and coal

and all that stuff

which is fine and dandy I believe in

clean energy but what socialist liberal

country had ever crated Tesla Tesla a

car company that strictly makes cars

that run on electricity the socialist

paradise of Venezuela didn't do that the

Socialists and Scandinavian countries in

and do that Cuba hasn't done that and

there were Soviet Union didn't do that

no it was evil old capitalist America

that crated an electric car and if the

Democrats let go of their socialist

dream of a utopian society that Bernie

Sanders would love America would be even

more prosperous because we would have a

true free market system competition

among businesses is not a bad thing

businesses a need to compete with each

other in order to innovate and make

things better if we lived under a

socialist flag do you think America

would not be leading in technology no we

wouldn't because businesses who create

technology not the government the

government is not creating Apple it's

not creating at 4k or 8k TVs and the

government ensures how did not make

Tesla it was individual businesses that

were competing with one another but in a

socialist country we do not have that

and that's why socialist countries do

not lead the way in innovation and

creativity because they stifle it

because the government gets involved and

just regulates everything to the point

of non-existence and that is to why we

need to reject socialism and in all its

forms and not allow it to infiltrate and

infect our country because once

socialism has infected itself into a

country it is hard to erase it Venezuela

is going to have a years and years and

years of problems and even if Maduro

gets out set out there's they still have

the opposition which is also socialist

he might not be as bloodthirsty as

Maduro is but he represents the exact

same economic styles and policies that

Maduro had pushed and continued that

originally Hugo Chavez had laid the

groundwork for the Americans need to see

what socialism does and see the horrors

of socialism and despite its sound Dean

friendly all equality and lovey-dovey at

first every single socialist economy and

thereafter had become tyrannical and

therefore deadly and eventually the

economy the country fails because of

that reason alone along with the

stifling of innovation and competition

within a free market system socialism

works well in movies and fictional

writing and not in the wheel world and

even if socialism works in the beginning

because all socialist countries work in

the beginning it inevitably fails and

falls on itself because in a socialist

country are a true utopian society where

the government takes care of the people

where is

government going to get the money to

take care of these people typically the

government pays for that through taxes

but taxes are generated by working

Americans who do not fall under the

socialist umbrella so if the government

is taking care of people and providing

for their basic needs and food and

shelter and stuff like that and

therefore they do not have to work where

is the government supposedly going to

get that money from since it has seized

all of the goods and production and

distributed to the society

which would eventually lead to the

stifling of businesses being created and

then eventually the government will run

out of money to distribute to the people

because and nobody is working hence

nobody is paying taxes and all the

businesses had either left or had been

controlled solely by the government and

their production as well and that is

exactly what we saw in Venezuela Hugo

Chavez when he was first elected will go

into communities point at convenience

stores or businesses and say that this

business and that business is now owned

and regulated and controlled by the

government and that is exactly why

America should and needs to steal clear

of all socialist policies but either way

you guys go ahead and let me know what

you thought about this in the comment

section below and that's about it for

this video peace out guys