UNCRC (part1): Where did it come from?

everyone has human rights children are

of course human too and they enjoy many

of the rights that adults do in

international human rights treaties what

many people don't know is that there's

also a treaty that's dedicated just to

children the UN Convention on the Rights

of the Child we'll take a closer look at

the convention later but it's important

to understand that the idea that

children should have rights dates much

farther back there's been a

long-standing focus on protecting

vulnerable children as a charitable

response to suffering however at the

start of the 20th century some activists

started promoting the idea that children

should have rights in the aftermath of

the First World War

eglantine Jeb and others campaigned for

the first international declaration of

the rights of the child

in 1924 an expanded version of this was

adopted by the United Nations in 1959

during the International Year of the

child in 1979 Poland proposed that there

should be a convention for children over

the next decade countries around

debated and negotiated the text of what

would become the most widely supported

human rights treaty the UN ever produced

the United Nations Convention on the

Rights of the Child