How difficult is the UK Extended Driving Test? [Mock Test with commentary]


in the UK when a driver commits a

serious motoring offence and is banned

from driving the court has the option to

impose an extended driving test on the

driver before they get their license


the extended driving test lasts almost

twice as long as the standard learner's

test and as a result the test routes are

considerably more challenging it will

include all the elements of a normal

learner test such as an eye test one

manoeuvre and 20 minutes of independent

driving but will always include the

emergency stop routine Ben has been

driving for two years and has kindly

agreed to play the part of the banned

driver for our video today he has not

been banned but it would not be

difficult for him to find himself in

this position with a real examiner one

day he has not had any extra training to

help him get ready for our test route

but has test driven our car to get used

to its controls we will identify any

faults we see and also monitor the total

number of faults so you can see how Ben

is doing this is a very long video so if

you would like to skip to other parts of

the video please click the links in the

description below let's get started so

on today's route we're going to be

driving for approximately an hour we'll

be doing an emergency stop

some independent driving with the Sat

Nav today and maneuver somewhere

throughout the drive always follow the

road ahead unless traffic signs are over

I can say otherwise and if I need you to

turn left or right I'll tell you in

plenty of time yeah

any questions nope cool okay so we're

gonna start with independent driving

straight away with the set enough so

I'll guide you out the car park and then

I'll hide you at this enough so if

you're ready to start your engine okay

so if you're ready drive on please that


at the giveaway line here the edge of

the road turn right then eventually a

straight head towards the new houses

turn right then go straight on

yes I think it's a naps got us it will

be going through the gap okay straight

on then at the end of the road turn left

turn left then cross the roundabout and

take the second exit


after 100 yards across the roundabout

and take the second exit

cross the roundabout and take the second


something I was going to get this wrong

it's actually the straight ahead second

exit we need

across the roundabout and take the third


Ben did well to spot that he needed to

use the right lane to go ahead at this


after 100 yards go left on the

roundabout and take the first exit go

left on the roundabout and take the

first exit

during an extended test route the

examiner would be looking to ensure that

the driving is safe as the driver has

previously been disqualified the

examiner will focus especially on

observation skills appropriate signaling

adhering to speed limits and that they

remain courteous to other road users the

normal methods of assessment will be

applied but examiner's will take into

consideration that candidates are likely

to have considerable driving experience

and their level of confidence will

probably be quite different to the

majority of learner drivers

after 300 yards cross the roundabout and

take the third exit there just to be

clear that's right of the traffic lights

and thank you mister

across the roundabout I'll take the

third exit

take the exit

after 300 yards turn right

turn right

this is the third time that Ben has

indicated before checking his side

mirrors so now has three driver faults

four mirrors signaling even though we

are allowed up to 15 driving or minor

faults before failing the test if we are

given three or more in the same category

the examiner may convert them into a

serious fault which will result in a

test failure from now on we will stop

counting faults in this category after

300 yards

right on the roundabout and take the

third exit



after 100 yards across the roundabout

I'll take the second exit

most the roundabouts and take the second



Ben shows his confidence here by

increasing his speed on this national

speed limit road driving too slowly here

could frustrate other drivers and lead

to danger

after 400 yards right on the roundabout

I'd take the third X

right on the roundabout I'm taking the

third exit

can you bail upon the left a safe place


after 300 yards turn left

there's much

are you ready travel

yeah continued from the south now

turn left


pick up on the dentist and please


thanks a lot and when you already

Vonnegut been now has two faults for

pulling away without checking his blind

spots for danger not shown in his

mirrors an examiner will expect us to do

this but this fault is typical of a more

experienced driver that just stopped

doing this every time they pull away

at the end of the road turn right

turn right

the reason that we should check our

mirrors before we change our speed is

that we need to check if we are being

followed closely by another vehicle if

we spot this we could break more gently

and earlier than usual to warn them and

reduce the chance of being hit from


after 300 yards across the roundabout

I'll take the second exit

Ross the roundabout and take the second


good lane discipline from been here as

he crosses the roundabout neatly in the

outer lane

after 300 yards right on the roundabout

I'll take the third exit

right off the roundabout and take the

third exit

even though Ben crosses his hands when

steering sometimes it will not be marked

as a fault as long as it doesn't affect

his car control

after 200 yards turn left

turn left

in this residential area the speed limit

is still 30 miles per hour but Ben is

driving far slower in case of hidden

danger the basic rule to follow is the

less we can see the slower we should


Matt was hoping to do the reverse

parallel park maneuver here but didn't

spot any suitable cars in time so ended

up doing a different maneuver later in

the test route at the end of the road

turn right


turn right

after 300 yards go left on the

roundabout and take the first exit

in areas like this the examiner would

like to see that you have recognized the

potential for hidden danger so remember

that there is no need to rush and drive


go left on the roundabout and take the

first exit


Ben is driving just under the speed

limit here but look behind time to 300

the Arthur Road users often speed and if

we use on there is effectively spot them

approaching us we can make sure we don't

put ourselves in danger

cross the roundabout I'll take the

second exit

excellent lane discipline again here

giving the other car room to turn right

notice this time Ben does check his

mirrors before stopping at the traffic


after 300 yards go right on the

roundabout and take the second exit

while we are waiting it's good to check

our mirrors for danger behind such as a

motorbike filtering between the lanes


after 100 yards right on the roundabout

and take the second exit


okay so did that show me question soon

when he says to do so when he showing me

his Jew

we must demonstrate how to use a car

control whilst driving just as we would

need to after passing if we forget how

to do this we are allowed to stop the

car somewhere safe to refresh our memory

and then continue driving before

demonstrating the controls use

good use of speed on this major road

here which helps the flow of traffic

after driving quickly it can be

difficult to stick to a 30 mile per hour

limit on a wide road like this but Ben

does a good job of controlling his speed

we won't fail a test for doing 31 in a

30 but reached 35 and we might

after 300 yards turned left

turn left


and if you could pull over on the left

safe place please

okay that's the end of the independent

driving section


when you find the end of this road or

the eternal death please

another road that it's very easy to

speed on and there is often speed

cameras here Ben stays just under limit


it is possible to fail a test for

driving too slowly for example staying

at 30 miles per hour on a road like this

if the road is clear we should try to

show our confidence and make good


as the name suggests an extended driving

test is much longer than a normal

driving test this allows the examiner to

use a greater variety of roads to really

test the candidate we are about to drive

into a rural area with very narrow roads

which will test Ben's judgment and car


so we need to tell you the next

particular price

a spent slows the car notice how he

changes through every year in turn

rather than block changing directly into

second for the junction you can use

which ever technique you prefer as long

as it doesn't affect your control over

the car


the road is fairly narrow here but as

Ben can see the road ahead is clear he

is still making good progress

now the road is very narrow

Ben has reduces speed further in case he

meets oncoming traffic

at the end of this road if we can turn




the speed limit is still 60 miles per

hour on these roads but we shouldn't

think of it as a target and instead

driver to speed that would always let us

stop in the amount of Road we can see to

be clear

at the end of this ride place down



we are now just over halfway through the

test route despite the extra length of

the test the pass mark is the same as

the normal driving test so we will need

to drive at a higher standard if we are

to be successful

we could turn crying feelings


the next runner battle is straight ahead



much I'm gonna do the emergency stop

routine soon so I'm gonna get driver on

at some point give you the signal to

stop so I'd like you to stop the car as

quickly as you can under full control

now I'm gonna check it safe before I do

the routine but please wait till you get

the stop command or yeah okay when you

ready drive on please


men fails to check his blind spots for

the third time so as before we will

convert the three minor faults into one

serious fault and stop counting this

type of fault anymore while we wait for

the examiner to give us the signal to

stop we should keep up to our normal

speed for this road and be ready to

react promptly doing that again

unfortunately Ben doesn't check his

blind spots once more and then pulls

away just as the red car starts to drive

past him this would be marked as a

serious fault

we need to go straight ahead of the next

Junction towards local traffic on the


double mini roundabouts can be tricky to

negotiate sometimes our advice is to

treat each part separately

Ben does well here

watch out for the confusing speed limits

ahead even if the 30 signs of temporary

we must obey them

the next Junction we meet has been

recently changed and there is a large

sign to direct traffic since there is

only one way we can go an examiner would

expect us to understand where we must

drive and may not give any instructions


the next runabout when HSN rain third

accents we come back this way


when we reach the ground about if I

could turn left the first X

Ben does a good job of getting up to

speed here which makes it much easier to

merge into the traffic on the Joe

cabbage rain

we built a forest wrinkles

whilst bed is waiting for a safe

opportunity to overtake he is sitting

too close to the lorry in front the

minimum safe following distance we need

is a two-second gap and this word double

on a wet road

there is another temporary speed limit

ahead and we must spot it early enough

to obey it just as we would any other

speed limit

we need to take ecstasy

so for the state

if the examiner or Satna tells you where

you are going in the next Junction try

to choose the correct lane on the slip

road as you leave the draw carriageway

this is another situation where we would

probably block change from sixth gear

straight to second this allows us to

keep our hands on the wheel for longer


on this large roundabout there are two

lanes we can use to turn right with the

center and the right we find it easier

to use the middle lane as this saves us

the need to change lanes later on before

leaving the roundabout

then concede that he can cross the

yellow box Junction without stopping so

continues driving however this can be

tricky to judge when traffic is heavy

during the rush hour


so straight ahead of this roundabout the

second exit


the blue signs tell us to merge in turn

so we stay aware of any traffic near us

in the other Lane


the next run about my needs 10 a riot

there are many no entry signs here but

then sees that he can follow our lane

around the corner into a one-way street


the next 20 mile-per-hour limit sign is

easy to miss as drivers are often

distracted by the pedestrian crossing or

turn left signs

imagine a literate brewery


like this himself


don't take his talents off

thankfully Ben has seen the 20 sign and

so doesn't speed on this wider Street


the roundabouts if we get tired of right

third exit

this dual carriageway has a 30 limit and

as other traffic speed pastors it can be

easy to follow them and accidentally

break the speed limit

thanks around the bottle need to go


this roundabout has two lanes on

approach and we can use either to go

ahead however we usually prefer to keep

to the left

then if we can take the next ring on the

left just before the wine

at the mini roundabout straight ahead

please fast exit

and then turn left there's the cover

okay I should like you to do the forward

Bay parking exercise say if you get turn

to park in any way on your right or left

finishing with the girls inside the


so much now if we could reverse out and

turn to face the exit I'm so relieved

great observations by Ben here and

sharing it is safe to reverse out of the

parking bay

that way when you ready we need the next

right turn

the mini-roundabout straight ahead

and after turning left we need to go

straight ahead to the roundabout


it's not straight ahead second exit


and then if you can turn right back into

the girl back please


straight up the middle

at the end of this rail cars if you

could turn right and then park forwards

and you're left in one of the test base

that we started from

that's great thanks so much

windows you mess wit your engine off

that's the end of the test how'd you

feel it went all right gonna file what

on the have interest huh well on out of

interest speed where though it was in a

twenty nine a belief that was gone out

doors fit furred way I don't see


I'll be bad there I did see the 50 B not

on the a14 though I don't think you saw

her on that's why that other car was

going about two years now

well six months at least yeah so best

that's a real sign we've gotta stick to

that so that is a definite fail also the

following distance was a little bit

close to that lorry we followed after

joining the year fourteen remember the

what's the minimum following distance

two seconds yeah it wasn't two seconds

I'd say it's never one and I can let you

off a little bit but we were there for

some time and I think that's possibly

longer than I'd want to see and the

other thing that I noticed was when we

did the emergency stop and it's a

slightly busy road sorry we had to pull

away but that car was trying to go

rounds at the time they'd already

indicated right and they were starting

to move and he just went hmm

I think I'd wait I think we just

surprised them but you know what the

rest was pretty good I mean oh there's

one more thing sorry it's that you don't

use the side mirrors enough especially

when you're indicating I say the center

mirror but not always decide once and

then you've only got get three he the

same and you've got the option of

examiner has the option of turning

they're serious and I stopped counting

after a while because that was just

happening a lot so possibly that as well

I think these are all things that we

could fix in 1/2 hour lesson and if you

were in this position for real I'm

pretty sure you'd actually pass to the

rest yeah good car control pretty good

judgment you know I never felt in danger

I didn't have to

cover the break at all but yeah it isn't

it amazing how he's easy yeah and it

slip into some yeah very good

why yeah possibly yeah and you know and

the tests is reasonably challenging you

know and it's longer you know you've got

more time on one of the easy got you've

got a whole hour day at the time yeah

but yes affair I'll Drive thank you to

Ben once more for bravely completing a

full extended driving test for this

video even though he didn't pass today

we hope we have helped him identify a

few ways in which he could improve his

driving if you have been to court for a

serious driving offense and are now

required to pass an extended driving

test to get your driving license back we

would recommend you book a lesson or two

with a local driving instructor to

polish up your driving skills as you

have just seen the test is long and a

good standard of driving will be needed

good luck if you found this video

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