A ubisoft service is currently unavailable | Final Fix [FHD]

hello guys and welcome to my tutorial on

this time I'm gonna show you how to fix

this problem types of service is not

available at the moment and I'm gonna

show you how to fix this and hoping you

play pretty good okay

so physically go to the section and

click right click and open it'll an

internet section change that option and

see if you have Wi-Fi here so you can

use it but I use you know the ADSL cable

so I'm gonna edit this car says thank

you and now go to Protocol version 4

section and click properties and change

the obtain DNS server to use the

following games we're gonna use the

Google DNS which has eight eight eight

eight here eight four three eight eight

four four okay and press ok and close

now it's gonna work perfectly with you

and you're not gonna face this problem

so two-step verification so now you will

be able to use you play again without

changing the time that was the last the

lost souls but this is perfectly work

with me okay