What is the purpose of the Twin Flame Journey?

hey guys my name is Jen Edwards and in

today's episode I'm going to talk about

twin flames and the purpose of this

journey so first of all I want to thank

you so much for being here I'm so

appreciative this topic is a relatively

new topic to me and I've been on the

journey for seven years now and believe

it or not only found out about Twin

Flames about four or five months ago and

had I known about this journey long

before now I probably could have saved

myself a tremendous amount of pain and

so I wanted to start to share sort of my

experience and and after I got the

awareness of the journey what it was the

Downloads that have been coming to me

and the information that's being shared

with me on a higher plane so that it can

help you in your journey because I know

for me this journey has been extremely

painful and so I just want to help as

many people as possible because I feel

like there's more twins coming into

incarnation right now than ever before

and it's a really difficult journey if

you don't know what's going on and you

can really think you're crazy if you

don't know what's going on and so I want

to share with you some of the stuff that

I've been getting and so I'm gonna be

filming on a regular basis and sharing

with you my journey and personal stories

and helping as I've helped other people

their stories as well so that you can

get some clarity around this because

this can really wreak havoc on your life

if you know what I mean so again thank

you so much for being here I was

meditating and praying before I started

shooting this and then whenever I

completed it I looked at the clock and

it was 222 and so it's like mmm that's

very divine that I would have finished

that part of getting ready to do this

and shoot this at that point so I just

want to talk about first of all the

purpose of the gym the Twin Flame

journey because I think that people get

really caught up in Union they get

really caught up in trying to figure out

the stages and they get

caught up is he my twin flame or is she

my twin flame but there's a higher

purpose to all of this and that's where

I really want to start my channel I want

to start it at purpose because when you

know the purpose then you can then

expand and it becomes a much easier and

it actually becomes a very beautiful

journey because if you don't know the

purpose then it's a very difficult

journey and you're like oh my gosh I'm

gonna kill myself like this sucks

so I'm gonna start with purpose and then

head out from there and as things come

to me I'm gonna be sharing with you some

really rich information over time on how

to handle it and how to make sense of

this so if you are new to Twin Flames

and you're like I don't know what the

heck she's talking about a twin flame is

one soul and two people into people's

bodies that incarnated at the same time

and so there's all kinds of urban

legends and myths about what it is some

people say it's two souls that split

into half and then they they incarnate

they go through different lifetimes

separately one twin will incarnate into

the physical and the other twin will

stay in the spiritual realm and health

and then vice versa and then at some

point they incarnated in the same

lifetime and then they have to figure

out how to make that work and there's a

lot to that too and I'm gonna be talking

about that in future videos so there's

that there's the idea that that this

that one soul has attained mastery like

spiritual mastery and then because they

attained spiritual mastery then they

want to come back and serve and so they

split into two and then come back as

incarnated beings to serve at a higher

level so it's whatever resonates with

your soul really and what resonates with

my soul is that we are one soul in two

different bodies in this incarnation and

that there is a higher purpose to the

incarnation there is a mission behind it

and that is

uh sure in this new consciousness that

is taking place on earth right now the

new consciousness is one of love and in

order to be in union with your twin

flame you have to have a consciousness

of unconditional love and joy and so I

when I began this journey many years ago

I was the furthest thing from love and

joy and so I've had to go through a lot

of pain and a lot of suffering to find

love and joy and I feel like I'm still

on the path of allowing it to fully

embrace my body and my soul and

everything that I am my essence however

I'm far much further along in the

journey and far closer than I ever have

been before and so it's been because of

this journey that I am where I am today

with all of that with all my spiritual

walk in my my learning and all of that

stuff and so that is really the purpose

of this journey the purpose of this

journey is soul evolution and because we

are one soul in two different bodies the

purpose of coming together in this

incarnation is to evolve the soul beyond

anything it's ever experienced and to

evolve it into unconditional love and so

that can come with a lot of pain at

first I'm going to kind of dial it back

and give you some wisdom upon what I

experienced so I met my twin in 2012 had

no clue about anything about

spirituality or anything I was not on a

spiritual path per se I was in you know

it's like really kind of caught up in

the world and I was married at the time

and when I met this person

it wasn't like instant sparks it was

like a familiarity and I like I really

want to know you but I was married so I

was like I'm not gonna you know go down

that road but I just like had this thing

like this pool like I really wanted to

know this person like I wanted to know

everything about him and there comes a

point in your twin flame journey

you have what's called a soul

remembrance and that can happen at any

point that can happen instantaneously

when you first meet or it can happen

down the road so my soul remembrance

came a year later I'd know this guy for

a year and I still remember the moment

of Soma remembrance and I was not aware

that that was what was happening to me

at the time now that I've done some some

journeying and some learning about this

this whole process I now know that that

was my soul remembrance because it was

such a pivotal point for me in my life

and it was like I remember it like it

was yesterday it's one of those moments

that's like unforgettable and it seems

like it could be so trivial but it's not

it's really it's really a crossroads in

your life and it really directs your

life in a different path and so what

happened was I was on a plane and this

gentleman was on my plane and we were on

the same flight and I knew he was gonna

be on the flight and because I saw some

other people that I knew that would be

with him and so I knew he was gonna be

on the flight and so I go back to my

seat and I see him get on and there was

just like this moment of like

captivation for me and it was just like

oh my gosh like he's the most beautiful

man I've ever seen like it was just like

overtook me these feelings and emotions

and it was like what do I do with this

I'm married like I can't think like this

I can't feel this way about this person

like I don't even know him but it was

just like this overwhelming feeling of

like oh my gosh and so that's what I'm

talking about with your soul remembrance

it's like this overwhelming feeling that

you can feel it over your body and

especially in your heart chakra because

you're connected at your heart chakra

and so there's just this overwhelming


and I was like overcome and then I was

overcome with thoughts and feelings and

emotions with him and I could not get

him out of my head and I was beating

myself up for the longest time that

could not get this person out of my head

no matter what I did and I was married

and I felt guilty I'm like I rather

think of him that my own husband and I'm

like oh my gosh I was not in a happy

marriage either so I was talking it up

to that so say you're a few months later

probably about nine months after this

sole remembrance happened I finally

decided to leave my husband at the time

and we went through a divorce and me and

this gentleman my twin flame began to

communicate when I said when I separated

from my former and so here's like I'll

do a whole video on this but a lot of

people do meet their twin flame when

they're in marriages and other

relationships and so one of the things

that you have to do is you have to allow

the marriage to run its course you can't

force the twin flame Union and that's

something to remember about this whole

journey is you cannot force the twin

flame Union the universe will not allow

the force of the twin flame Union so if

you are in a marriage and you have met

your twin flame or if your twin flame is

in a marriage then it is not advised to

leave the marriage for the twin flame

let the marriage take its course it will

in due time the universe will work it

out for you and you don't have to have

the guilty feelings of leaving your

family and destroying all this stuff

because of this individual over here

that you have identified as your twin

flame so that's just a little caveat

wasn't meaning to get into that today so

anyway let me dial it back so we started

to communicate and I just thought I had

a really massive crush on this person so

I was going through the emotions and

about a year and a half into our

communication we didn't live in the same

cities so we didn't have an opportunity

to see each other he wasn't really

pursuing me so I was just like I had him

on the back burner like this guy must

just want to be friends I'll just leave

him there and what happened was I

started to get really attached and

really codependent and so I started to

push him away and what happens in

separation with your twin flame is that

the energies build up and so you are

polar opposites of the same soul so

you're the same energy same soul

resonance and what happens when you come

together when you meet or you're in

physical communication with each other

the energies built up and so what

happens is the one twin pushes the other

twin away and the other twin is pulling

the energy so it's like going like this

and so you can't come into union

whenever there is too much energy and

interference and there's not soul

resonance there to bring the two of you

together so I didn't understand this

obviously I didn't know anything about

Twin Flames at this time so I just

thought I was going crazy and I was like

I just I I blew up on him I told him to

get out of my life and I just thought it

was done and I was I would never see him

again I've never hear from him again and

as fate would have it my sister and her

significant other ran into him in Vegas

like randomly and that was about nine

months later and what happened was that

put me back into communication with him

and then we had another connection and

we we actually saw each other we

connected with this beautiful moments

and then BOOM like the energy built up

and we repelled each other and he went

running and I went chasing and then I

went to what happened then was here's

the purpose of this journey you guys

it's for your soul's evolution so at

this point this was now 2016 I had

started doing inner spiritual work I had

started to dive into my feelings and

emotions starting to identify what was

holding me back and here is I'm going to

give you a a book to get a hold of it's

called power versus force I teach from

this book a lot so power versus force is

written by David Hawkins and he talks

about the map of consciousness and there

is a map of consciousness in this book

you can also Google map of consciousness

so I want you guys to become very

familiar with the map of consciousness

because this is going to be your friend

on this journey so the map of


talks about your evolution as a soul

with emotions and feelings and so you

start down like not everybody starts

here but the lowest of the low is shame

and that's whenever your body and your

frequency is calibrating at 20 or 200 no

at 20 so here's the thing I also want to

back up I want to talk about frequency

of a minute here because frequency is

very important in this journey so your

frequency is so we are all vibratory

beings we are all vibrating at different

speeds and some of us come into this

incarnation with really difficult

circumstances our families maybe don't

support us something happens in our

childhood that really defines who we

become and how we see the world and

sometimes those are often very difficult

and so it then begins to happen is we

take on this frequency and we take on

this frequency of those around us and so

I had taken on a frequency of shame and

guilt because my family lived from a

place of shame and guilt so my mother

was pregnant with me before she got

married and there was a lot of shame and

guilt around that so I had taken that on

and had taken that through my life so I

was calibrating very very low when I

began my spiritual journey and so is

constantly in the cycle of shame and

guilt and so going back to power versus

force so when you're in these lower

vibrational energies and your frequency

is low your frequency is emitting shame

your frequencies emitting guilt and

emitting anger and all of these low like

vibrational um feelings and emotions

then life is very difficult because

you're forcing life along and you have

to begin to raise your frequency in

order to get to a place of what's called

neutrality neutrality is up to 50 and

then at neutrality you can begin to

incorporate power into your life and

this is whenever things become

effortless this is whenever things work

out for you this is whenever

synchronicities happen this is whenever

you start to calibrate at a higher level

your frequency is up and you can begin

to enjoy life if forever

you know you begin to

incorporate love and joy and bliss and

eventually enlightenment and so I

started out at a shame and guilt like it

we're talking lowest of the low and I

was going through these processes of

really shifting my energy and working

with energy healers in order to shift my

body's frequency I didn't know at the

time that I was on that path doing that

but that's what was happening so after I

saw this man what happened was I began

to dig in so a lot of anger came up for

me and it was coming up from like that

route I mean like we're talking probably

lifetimes of anger started to come up

when I would be in contact with him and

then he would run because what happens

is when you're in a low vibrational

frequency and you haven't healed your

stuff then your triggers come up and so

that's what was happening my triggers

were coming up right my my triggers

where I'm not enough I'm not good enough

I'm not pretty enough I'm not wanted all

of those things were my triggers and I

swore by them and I carried them and

when those are your triggers your life

will reflect what your triggers are

until you heal the triggers then your

life gets to a flux something better

something different and so I was going

through this process of identifying my

triggers and working with an energy

healer to pull those out and heal those

triggers and I was going through all

these different processes and I will be

talking about sharing and offering

coaching in order to take you through

some of the processes that I went

through that I invested in and figured

out how to heal myself to get to a

higher frequency so anyway I the whole

purpose of this journey was to begin to

bring some of that stuff out so that I

could identify it and then I could heal

it and then I could transcend it the

purpose of this journey is alchemy the

purpose this is the ultimate alchemy Cal

chemical experience that you could ever

experience in your life uh you know your

children will trigger you

spouses will trigger you but nothing

triggers you to the degree that your

twin flame triggers you and it is the

ultimate alchemical experience because

what it does is if you want to be in

union with your twin flame you must

transcend the triggers and only one once

twin has to do the transcendence and

what happens is the soul because you are

one soul when the one twin begins the

process of transcending the triggers the

other soul comes into resonance with it

and it happens automatically and so one

of you contracted to do the inner work

one of you contracted to be the pool to

run away so that you would be triggered

to do the work and so that's the

contract and you all agreed on this

contract before you all came in here and

so the purpose of the journey is to find

yourself in what is in yourself where do

you need to get unconditional love that

is when I figured out this whole journey

of swar is for me to come to

unconditional love to forgive myself to

forgive those around me to let go of all

the anger to let go of all the fear you

have to transcend the fear to let go of

all the judgment I was so judgmental and

I was mostly judgmental of myself and

what I saw was that I was judgmental of

my twin as well because I was holding on

to so much judgment that all I could do

is project that judgment onto him and I

even know I didn't even know what I was

doing I didn't realize it and then I was

really really convicted around this

judgment and like oh my gosh I'm casting

judgment on him but it's really towards

me because I was so so critical and so

unloving of myself how many of you guys

are unloving of yourself and you're

self-critical and you're constantly

beating yourself up

you're constantly judging yourself

against the another woman another man

their success

whatever it is maybe you incarnated in

difficult circumstances and you're late

and you don't understand we all

incarnate in different circumstances and

some people do could incarnate in really

difficult circumstances I did myself and

so because I've had to go on this

journey and really find myself it really

honestly fall in love with myself it's

been the most beautiful rewarding

journey that I've ever been on

I had no idea no idea until five months

ago about Twin Flames I have no idea

that I was in an on a twin flame journey

I just kept following the I got a phone

call coming in sorry I just kept

following my bliss I just kept following

the trail and one thing led to another

and that's what you're doing right now

you're following your trail and you're

finding videos like this all over the

internet there's so many different

things out there and I've done a lot of

research around this you know and I

really want to encourage you guys to go

inside I really want to encourage you

guys to go with your resonance what

resonates with you it's not about

looking for external like I'm here to

help you and I'm here to guide you but

it's not about looking for the external

okayness you know like there's there's a

lot of people dig using divination tools

like pendulums and cards and and they're

getting readings done by psychics and

they're getting readings done by and

that's all well and good and that's fine

if that makes you feel better but I also

want you to invite yourself to go back

to you because this journey is

ultimately about you it's ultimately

about finding you and that's what the

thing that I finally realized that was

so beautiful about it was that this is

this is like me finding me like I got to

go and experience this and I'm so

freakin grateful I'm not even in union

with my twin flame right now we're not

even speaking and I'm totally okay with

it because what it has shown me about

myself and the love that I now get to

give myself and then also give a

people because I submitted to the

journey and I said okay

it's been the most beautiful gift I

could ever have been given in this

lifetime I really believe that and I

believe that that's why we're on this

journey if you are a twin soul and you

have a twin flame who has incarnated at

the same time as you and you maybe have

met maybe you haven't met yet maybe this

is coming to you and you're like I

haven't met this person but this is all

coming into my path and my awareness and

it's getting you ready for it whatever

it is it is the most beautiful journey

because it's a journey of ultimate

purpose and what is ultimate purpose

ultimate purpose is love unconditional

love and I spent the vast majority of my

life hating myself coming down on myself

for being triggered by nonsensical

things that honestly should not trigger

into my being and I just made a judgment

there but I spent my life judging myself

hating myself condemning myself not

believing in myself not loving myself

how many of us do that how many of us

are constantly looking in the mirror

beating ourselves up either by our skin

or the way that our body looks or

because our hair doesn't do a certain

way or whatever it is how many of us are

comparing yourself to other women

another men this journey and this

purpose is for you to find you for you

to find love and that's that love starts

with you and then when you find that and

you clear all that energy and you

neutralize all that stuff then and only

then can you have union with your twin

flame so this twin flame journey the

union is the gift it's not the goal and

I want you to remember that unions the

gift it's not the goal and it's a

beautiful powerful gift when you get it

when you get to unwrap the gift but you

have to do the work first you'll have to

come to wholeness within yourself you

have to vibrate at a higher

frequency and you have to find love and

the only way to fibrate at the hires

frequency is to find love within

yourself and there's a million different

ways to do that I've done it and I have

the tools if you are interested at all

please leave a comment you can send me

an email whatever and I can help to

guide you on that path and I'll be doing

that through my videos as well to the

extent that I can gonna be guiding you

and helping you on this path so anyway

thank you so much it's I was not meeting

it for this to be 25 minutes and I am

super grateful that you're here and I

encourage you to tune in every Tuesday

I'm gonna be dropping in new video and

who knows I may drop more frequently if

you've then Tuesdays but Tuesdays is

what I've committed to mmm on this

journey so I invite you to tune in every

Tuesday I will have a new new video on

here for you guys to help you on this

journey because I know from personal

experience how painful and how

emotionally like all over the place it

can be so anyway I love you guys thank

you so much for tuning in I'll see you

next time